The top ones are excellent.

Yeah big fan of them

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yeah, really nice colours

also like that the silhouette is pretty reserved, at least as far as basketball shoes go

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The black really helps make the other colours pop

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Are these SCs yeah?


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They’re great. Got them in white, navy and red last year. Top summer trainer. Extremely light and comfortable.

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Grabbed some cloud 5’s

Comfy af



Never heard of the guy outside of the shoes. Quite glad now.

The pink laces are a lovely touch. YES.

Would require some looking after though - they’d get ruined with one trip to the park.

You’d get contrast from other things you’d be wearing though? But I am generally a fan of trainers with not too much going on.

Yeah that’s fair. I just find single colour shoes a bit dull whether they are all white/black/brown/whatever. Even some different coloured laces to break them up a little would probably be enough.

Edit - just realised the laces are subtle pink! That’ll teach me not to zoom in previously.

Just realised how much colour chat is going on directly above my post. :sweat_smile: I’d like to go on the record that I have neon red Adidas as one of my other go-to’s, so I stand by going for the literally undyed version of the cloud fives!

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Wow I’m really using the word go a lot in that post

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Absolutely no judgement here, opinions/arseholes etc.

Don’t worry just made me laugh when I realised I’d posted up trainers that were never even given one colour.

Btw, one mad thing about Cloudrunners: went to the regent street shop to click and collect. Queue to try a pair on was genuinely out the door. Almost entirely Saudi Arabian folks. I asked one of the guys in the queue and he said that they’re the brand in Dubai right now and very hard to get a pair, so anyone visiting to London heads to the store.

Bizarre. I’d only heard of On two weeks ago :smiley:

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Yeah - love those laces. But that’s about as much flair as I like to have in an outfit.

They really pop from this angle though. :heart_eyes:

Oh i’ve just seen some in my size in a sale, what have you done @rich-t


Ah nice

The ones I saw have sold out, so never mind for me