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Yeah, I retract my previous comments, much better pic

These are down to 69 (nice) notes at END if anyone’s interested


this is my latest shoe


Design your own dunks is back


Actually quite like the default design! Shame they’re don’t have high tops.


like these a lot. could look a bit shit once theyre worn in mind


Just got my son these guys. 30 bucks on sale, but they only had two sizes up so I’ll have to stash them.


Looking forward to these arriving tomorrow!


Nice, that’s a good price. Now spring is here will dig my mids out the cupboard, have been tempted to get another colourway

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Need some trainers again. Need em to not have a flat sole which is a shame because they are the ones I like.

I know they’re technically more authentic, but damn. Not into the Air Max 1 reissues.

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I have these in the lows. They’re lovely. Most of the Grant Taylor blazers they’ve put out have been lovely.


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I have a pair of the lows too, that badly need cleaned. Have always liked the mids and thought these were a good deal. There’s quite a lot of good stuff on sale at Flatspot right now, chose these over a couple different pairs.

I suppose this is a good place to ask - anyone in the thread have any good advice/recommendations for cleaning trainers? Is it worth buying one of the kits from Crep Protect, etc.?

I use the basic £20 set from SneakersER and it’s great, lasts ages too. Think their fancier ones include protective stuff too

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Not for me at all but just had these advertised at me at what I can assume is a reasonable price?


Mid-life crisis aside … are these any good then? I’ve had a pair of these (in a different colorway(sic)) in my basket for a little while now

Poll open to all

  • They’re good - buy 'em
  • Stinkers - avoid
  • meh

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Also, I find Nikes a bit smaller in the sizing than Adidas, I guess that’s true for these too?

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I misread, I voted yes based on them being smart looking. I find Nikes fit a little shorter than adidas, but are usually a little wider.

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Would agree with this, I have wider feet and I’m usually fine in Nike but Adidas are often far too narrow.

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What’s going on with that orange stitched section up the side?