Are you spying on them in case they walk away by themselves?


Does anyone have or know anyone with mountain flower trainers?

I think they look really cool but have never seen them out in the wild before, which although appeals to me is also a bit disconcerting.

These are my favourite colourways I think.


Yeah they do look a bit dorky in a good way. Like someone in an anorak might wear them.

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The leaning les paul is making me tense, man.


yes ant! i have them in a different colour, i fucking love them


You’re a cool guy though, I’m not a cool guy! We shall see…

nah man you’ll get even more respect, trust me


I’ve got them in this colour.

Like all AM90’s they’re really comfortable.


I’ve got these ones. Love them. Forgot they were originally so white because they aren’t that colour anymore.


Ooh, they’re nice those

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The pictures don’t really do them justice, lots of nice detail. Going to get them properly cleaned for the summer.

Which trainers do you reckon cover the ‘big 3’ the best? Jeans, trackies, shorts? Dunks?

Depends on the jeans and the rest of the outfit really tbh but there isn’t much I wouldn’t wear either Stan Smiths, Spezials or Air Max with.

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Any of the simple classics, really. Superstars, Air Max 90s, Vans Old Skool

For jeans and shorts, I’d say white Vans Authentic. Despite buying loads of trainers, I wear them 9 times out of 10.

With trackies, I usually wear Birkenstocks. Which is not really a look I recommend.

Massively depends how cool you are, and I cannot emphasise that enough.

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Jordan 3s

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Agreed reckon the converse low ones and Vans authentic/eras as well. Reckon it’s quite hard to pull off most trainers in shorts.

Got some new Vans authentic today and was in the vans shop and saw some of the new ones couldn’t pull them off.

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Crocs surely? :wink:

I’d probably go something like Air Max 90s to be honest, but I’m a 100% Nike guy (and Crocs obvs) due to my wide flat feet

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