Athletics; All pre-2005 World Records to be cancelled

have we had a thread about this yet?

Seems pretty hamfisted

Paula Radcliffe

& Mike Powell

are pissed off

some others - mainly those who do not have a world record from pre-2005 - seem to be cool with it

what do we think? Is Lord Coe one of the worst people ever? Maybe

Drugs in sport then - for or against & what can be done?

Ban all sports. Problem solved.


I would be annoyed if this affected me.

Full roid rage.


Paula Radcliffe being 13 minutes faster than any East-African runner ten years ago is so blatantly dodgy it’s ridiculous


and drugs?

show your working


No working, just surface level aspersions innit

Don’t be ridiculous.

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*just cycling

just let them dope. fuck it, who cares.

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I said sports, not mundane means of getting around.

I might agree if she wasn’t so vocally anti-drugs. As such, I’m inclined to think she is/was always clean

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Protesting too much IMO


I meant ban the ‘mundane means of getting around’ as well as the sport. Don’t encourage them


This whole thing is utterly grim


and there are far more harrowing reports than that BBC one if you want to google

Obviously we only know about East Germany’s drug use because East Germany doesn’t exist anymore but clearly it’s been a global problem for probably at least 50 years

I mean, if you’re going to use sport as a Nationalist substitute for war then you’re obviously going to weaponise your resources

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Does this mean that, in the absence of any current records, I can go out and set one?


soon, yeah

to help put it in context :- imagine sean decided to remove all your current badges and you had to re-earn them from scratch.


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