Athletics Compliments Thread

Always impressed by the motivation levels of @meowington and @doubleespresso


Oh, and much as it pains me to say it, @plasticniki 's bicycling exploits are :fire:


I can neither confirm or deny

I find it fascinating when people talk about cycling. Who would have thought that talking about moving your legs up and down could entertain for hours, days, weeks, years! Well done everyone!

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You just ruined a nice thread.

but yes, I low-key love how much PNeeks loves biking

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You could tell us, but you’d have to kill us (painfully and efficiently).

tbf the moving up and down of yr legs isn’t the thing anyone talks about

But that is the main bit!




Congratulations to anyone who has run a long distance this year (60+ metres).


maybe we should??

I can’t be arsed with equipment chat etc, but leg movement… WOW!

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Could spend hours taking about position and style on a bike. Don’t get me started

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As long as proper attire was worn, cumulative counts

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I often try to replicate Bradley Wiggins smooth time-trialling motion in terms of leg-movement. Actually look like Chris Froome though I reckon.

nah, that’s bullshit. My cadence is too low.

This IS fun!

This is now the cycling thread