Atlanta S2


New trailer is here!! Comes out March 1







That was a great opener!


ahh this is a brilliant show. the conversation through the screen door was so funny. the way they used the neighbours… <3


Katt Williams was inspired as Alligator Man. Also loved the cold open with the shootout. Unexpectedly bleak. So glad this is back.

“I don’t believe in time as a concept so I’ll just say we always met” Darius is my fave on the show. But if Zazie Beetz doesn’t make a return next week I’m gonna be mad as she’s so impossibly lovely.


yeah. think its interesting how they show violence & crime as a routine part of life & how passive the characters’ reactions to it are.

like the internal lives of the characters are far more important than the violence but it’s always there and it’s just another thing they have to put up with.

not sure i’ve ever seen it dealt with like that on tv before, it’s usually completely foregrounded or completely absent.

also loved that darius line and your man’s reaction to it.


holy shit that latest episode!!



wash your hands… immediately


no, that’s one of the strangest episodes of television that’s ever been made though.


this season has been so great
only didn’t really like the barbershop episode but the teddy Perkins one blew my mind


Good to see UK TV as usual failing to broadcast this anywhere nearly in line with the US


I’m enjoying it but I hate, hate, HATE that he had Michael Vick on it.


The Teddy Perkins episode was delightfully creepy (with incredibly melancholic undertones) - felt pretty queasy when he had his hand in that ostrich egg :nauseated_face: and definitely didn’t think it was going to end in a bloodbath!

I really rated the haircut one as it somewhat felt like an extension of when Alfred got politely robbed earlier in the season…


Just watched the Teddy Perkins episode. That was fucking mental/creepy/brilliant/sad. Easily one of the best episodes of anything I’ve seen in a long time.

Apparently that was Donald Glover in whiteface, and he stayed in character the whole time they were filming


I know? Any word when it starteth here?


Oh man Brian Tyree Henry’s performance in Woods was sublime!


Panicked slightly when I thought that episode ten was the last of the season…


This has been so so good. It’s coming to the UK as well