Atlanta (S4 from post 83)

That Jai Paul cameo in episode 3!? What the fuck!!?

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Finished the season last night. Insane stuff. What a show.

The first two episodes of Season 4 are out.

I’ve only watched episode 1 but it was a cracker.

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Was expecting them on Disney+ but I guess States only just now :confused:

Aye I don’t think there’s a UK release date as yet.

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Really frustrating when so much else gets simultaneously released.

Episode 2 was very good also, some incredible acting by Glover.

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Really enjoyed S3 but I’m also very glad they’re back in Atlanta. It’s been a really strong start.

Rewatching S2 recently, and those final few episodes are unrelentingly bleak on repeat viewings - kind of hope they find a way to end things without it being a downer, even though that’s fully what I’m expecting!

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I was surprised to see new episodes show up already, feels like I just finished season 3 a month ago. I was either far behind or season came out quick.

Is s4 on Disney already?

Also feel like I only just watched series 3

The latter, season 3 was also this year (but only appeared on D+ a here a little while after it finished in the US).

This one finishes in the US in November so I would expect this to be on D+ in either December or January.

I think they filmed 3 and 4 back to back and are releasing them 6 months apart.

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I thought episode 2 was outstanding, probably one of the best episodes they’ve done so far.

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