Atlanta (TV show)

Anyone watched this yet? The first episode/pilot is fantastic. It’s out in the states now and is apparently on UK TV later this year.

Episode 2 is even better!

This looks good and I’ll probably watch it at some point

trailer here:

Bite this sandwich.

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Yeah the first two episodes were pretty promising! Man I’ve missed Donald Glover!

this looks right up my street. nice on johntosh2001

first 2 episodes are so good. wish i could just binge watch the whole thing in one go though, hate having to wait for shit these days.

Holy shit this show is so good

Really really great, this week’s episode with the kids meal :smiley:

Watched episode 1 and 2 last week and thought it was great. Excited to see how it progresses.

episode 3 was a bit of a downer. still good though (migos!)

Really enjoyed episode three! Find myself laughing more and more at each episode. It’s shot beautifully.

it’s just the perfect balance of laughs/shock/reflection/interest/enjoyment. nothing is taken for granted and each lol seems to have something behind it as well. I feel like I was maybe missing a few inside jokes with the ‘migos’ and Paperboi though.

I was really move by the scene by the end where Earn had that convo with Vanessa through the door and was laying it all out about wanting the best for their daughter but also didn’t want to compromise on what he wanted, especially if that would better things for his family… and in reply Vanessa just laid into him. And that’s not to make out that Vanessa is bad or anything, it was just a genuine and real situation that worked so well.

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You’re spot on! It’s been the perfect blend of what I’m looking for in a show. Its serious without being preachy. It’s finding humour without having to wacky or shocking. It definitely feels relatable. That last scene really was the icing on the cake for a really good episode. I very much enjoyed him laying in to the waitress and the whole debacle with the suitcase/handcuffs.

Didn’t get the whole thing with ‘Migos’ either (liked the Ali G jackets though) and the whole Paperboi thing or at least the song reminds me of solider boy…

Haven’t seen it, going to watch it. The trailer tells you nothing

don’t like donald glover tbh but i do like ira madison iii

so great.


seems very good

Haha that video blogger with that kid :smiley: