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The translation from the latin inscription on our family coat of arms clearly states ‘if it ain’t in recent items, it ain’t getting uploaded’

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Never browsed web locations. Glad to see I ain’t the only one!

Greta thread.

GREAT. I meant great.

Thought you had meant to post in the Climate Crisis thread…

i attach all my files from

Not sure I trust the ‘recent items’ crew tbh. Something not right about that choice.


feels extremely risky. after my pal moved to a different dept the rest of her team noticed that instead of some proper links being added to the website she’d attached the menu of a vegan restaurant in didsbury in two separate places

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Attachment Reminder

You may have forgotten to attach a file

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It’s like I always say, Don’t be Ms Didsbury, Choose Browse This PC.

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Annoys me when I write “as per the file previously attached” and it pops up. Feels like it should know that.

Same when I reply to tell someone the file wasn’t attached.

Settings > Attachments > Notify if no attachment is attached > rules > ignore if: “previous”; “previously”

fuck off

Sorry that was a bit much. fuck of