Attaching a photo to a job application

Do you ever do this? Any good rules of thumb? Or should I skip it entirely ?

Alternatively, what’s a good look for applying for a job with a human rights organisation?

Depends on the local culture, but mostly Not A Thing in the UK. Also an absolute can of worms for discrimination purposes.


A photo of yourself? That’s generally a big no-no, isn’t it? Never seen an application that required you to submit a photo.


Very common in a decent amount of the rest of Europe. To the degree that I would say about 75% of applications I get from Europeans outside of the UK include one.

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A well known pub in Camden only consider bar staff if you include a photo with your CV. :roll_eyes:

You could just send them a nice photo of something else. How about this?


My friend had to submit a photo for a bar job she had. They were obviously just wanting to see if she was hot or not :face_vomiting: never heard of it anywhere else.

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Occasionally we get in CVs with photos attached, I find it extremely odd.

was standard in Germany last time I was paying attention, not sure if things have changed in the meantime

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Definitely a bad thing.

yeah, I think it’s more likely to be progressive stacking (or positive discrimination if you want to call it that) with this org.

Also, it’s fairly normal here and I’ve been told by a couple of recruiters that it gives a good representation of how you view yourself wrt the company/postion & it also gives the recruiter/interviewer the idea that you’re a real person rather than an admin task & it helps them engage with your application

sounds logical but may be bullshit

I would also say, if it is common in the country you are applying in then probably consider your social media presence. Any recruiter will search for that these days. If yours isn’t the first impression you would want to give and is relatively easily findable maybe consider it as this way you are getting to choose their first impression of you, rather than it potentially being your Facebook profile picture.

Obviously it also comes with vast amounts of inherent bias. But frankly in 2018 that will be there from searching for you online anyway.

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when I lived in Canada you absolutely had to attach a photo to your ‘resume’

did it once. I did not get an interview, shockingly

Would only do it if they asked, and if they did I’d think twice about applying there.

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A lot of application forms in NL asked to upload a photo. First time I’ve come across it.

Feel like outside of a case where looks are a direct part of your job (e.g. actor) it shouldn’t just be disallowed, should be illegal to be asked for, even optionally.


Include several in various classic catalogue poses


Mandatory in Italy - and not a good thing.

It’s an interesting cultural thing - have had to advise so many Italians not to include photographs in applications for UK jobs. They also have CVs which list literally everything they have ever done however minor, so end up with CVs that are pages and pages long.

I don’t ever use my real name on social media