Attaching a photo to a job application

Very sensible. I imagine you have looked at your security settings but just to check can you be found by searching your email address or phone number? They both also work and sometimes people don’t realise

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I’ll just add to that from the other side. I helped an Italian firm recruit Brit’s for a little while and they insisted on photographs so we’d have to write back to people requesting a photo. At least 50% of them would send back a photo that looked like they’d just downloaded something from Facebook inevitably with a drink in their hand.

When I lived in Germany, it was common practice for job ads to specify the preferred age range of the candidate - often down to as tight ranges as 27 to 29. Weird. Also, a photo was expected…

searching with my phone number brings up 2 really quite good photos of me

email address brings up nothing

You, of all people, have enough prime real estate in the selfie threads to guarantee yourself the job anyhow. Send them all your lift selfies.

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Put a photo of the most charismatic person you know. Fonzy

Out of interest are the photos hosted on your own social media platforms? If so that is a creepy backdoor way of finding you

not sure it’s that kind of a job


Photos on CVs always reminds me of that Apprentice candidate (Michael Sophocles) who put a full A4 page photo of his face into his CV.

What a chump

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nope - one is on my Beatport artists page & the other is on an interview I did for a synth company

might do that

unfair on us uggers

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The first time I heard of this was when I worked in our college bar and our manager (who was a dickhead of the highest order) requested photos from prospective hires. He told me after they were hired that he had only hired “the fit ones”. The fucking absolute bastard. I’ve never hated a human being so much. He was the son of one of the directors of the company so he thought he was God. Found out recently he got fired years later for sexual misconduct. I wish I’d reported him for that remark years ago though.

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Find a photo of the person you have to send the CV to and use that instead. For an added twist maybe draw a 'tache on it first.


Oh jeez :confused: that’s awful. Fuck sake.

I have one that I stick on my CV when applying for film related jobs, which is most jobs I apply to. It’s a few years old but it shows me sitting in front of an old analogue film projector and smiling so it’s quite nice. It’s quite normal here to include a pic, but normally not required.

Found out after I left that he was riding two the barmaids at the same time without telling the other and swearing both to secrecy. Absolute arsehole. If I ever see him again it’ll be too soon.

(Sorry about the rant, just even thinking about that man makes me angry.)

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Still, good balance there.