Attempted coup in venezuela


seems like it’s under control for now but still…



The USA tried to overthrow the government in Venezuela before (under Bush) and now they’re at it again?


So when’s Corbyn gonna… oh, I’m given to understand DiS isn’t like this anymore.


It doesn’t put up with you for any length of time? We did move beyond that, I’m afraid.


the US security apparatus are always running interference in that part of the world i guess, so this wouldn’t surprise at all. the opposition leaders are more than willing to spend bodies if it gets them into power, and the US will back them all the way if it gains them a foothold in the economic/military structures of the region.


tbf mate he’s said some daft stuff maybe, whereas strong and stable is literally aiding genocide and ethnic cleansing in saudi arabia and turkey. in short: fuck off you cunt.


haha i don’t mind this thread basically turning into a blog at this point i’m sad enough to let it happen

it’s not specific to the bbc but the part where they mention 100 people who died in the protests held by “the opposition” is so infuriatingly vague it makes your conspiratorial feelers start perking. it’s so hard to find good coverage of this and it really shouldn’t be. i mean, suppose you knew nothing about the situation in venezuela (and i don’t know very much). who are “the opposition”? what do they believe? who leads them? who funds them? what are their actual aims? what is the constituent assembly? how does it work?
why is madura a dictator? cos boris fucking johnson says so? also doesn’t mention that a huge number of the 100 dead have been murdered by opposition activists.

the coverage of this whole deal is, incredibly, even shitter than the coverage of syria.