Attention Supermarkets

I normally leave them lying around for awhile, they soften after a day or so

Different baked goods for different needs you Brexit fuck!

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My mum used to give me a big cookie to shut me up whilst walking around saino’s

23 years old, I was


that she had purchased prior to entering the supermarket?


Guarantee she’d let me do this now at 29 years old.

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I think I mentioned the Walking Chicken i used to get when doing the big shop on here in the past. Stopped me from making impulse purchases based on hunger.

I think a lot of people oppose to this. But I think it’s fine. More people were cool with the pine nut and hair gel thieving.

Here we go.

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Don’t do it but have no problem with it

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I don’t know what this is, so I’m going to assume you gnaw on a whole rotisserie chicken as you walk around supermarkets, for the sake of my own amusement.

Solidarity :fist:

Me mam used to feed me grapes as a bribe to get me around the supermarket as quiet as she needed. Paid by the weight in those days

Some drumsticks but yes. Fwiw I don’t do this anymore, but see nothing wrong with it

It’s fine. If you’re a fox, or a herring gull.

Thanks hun x


Or Henry VIII.

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Not sure how eating something you’re gonna pay for is entitled? It’s like a restaurant. A restaurant you walk around in


You’re going to buy it anyway! Surely that’s not entitled. Entitled will be eating it and then just shoving the wrapper on a shelf.

Because they can refuse to sell you it at the till.

This isn’t really the reason why it’s grim, though.