So I went to big sainsbos with my best mate yesterday and she works with animals and specialises in parasites and she casually dropped into conversation “oh you know you deflea and deworm your cat Kermit? You should deworm yourself too.”
Obviously I was like “I beg your actual pardon? I don’t have worms.” but she was like “you actually might and not know about it. You should buy some human deworming tablets from boots cause you kiss your cat on the face.”

So yeah. All pet owners, especially dog owners, get yourself some worm tablets.


But now we know.

Happy Saturday morning btw


Morning wormit


I don’t think i have worms. But if i do we seem to be living together in perfect harmony so live and let live i say.


:smiley: Richard.
I’ve been up since 6 googling worms and contemplated asking the mods to change my username to just “Kermit” bit I don’t think the forum needs a cease and desist from Disney because some idiot is posting under the name of a muppet talking about worms and stuff


£6.99 for 4 pills from boots. Please.

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Bit harsh, i think we are at least caterpillars

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Sounds like you have brain worms

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(Dunno if you’re a futurama fan but it’s been recommissioned on hulu :partying_face: )


We’re worms. The worms of the internet.

WORMS THOUGH MAN. Just buy the tablets.

Is this the wmormning thread?


I have zero pets :frowning: which is at least one less than i should have

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I hope not

Do you kiss stray cats on the face?
Would you like to look after my cat for a little while? I love her very much but I did have to take a pair of scissors to her anal hair last night, and snip away at the contaminated fur.

No just a bop


Sure. I will not touch their anus hair though

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You’re probably worm free then. Good for you.
But maybe do start kissing random cats (with their consent)

That’s fine I try to keep on top of it anyway

We’re getting our cat her worm and flea dose this morning. Never thought to get it done to myself though, will ask the vet to sort me out when I’m there.

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Up the bum, no harm done