Attic or Loft?

  • Attic
  • Loft

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Psychosomatic, attic, insane


Loft when referring to insulation, attic at all other times.

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There’s a whole entry on this, here:

The terms ‘loft’ and ‘attic’ are often used interchangeably to describe a large void under, or partly under a roof, but above the main occupied spaces, that it is possible to access.

However, some definitions suggest that the term ‘attic’ refers to the entire storey of a building under the roof, whereas the term ‘loft’ refers to one or more rooms or spaces under the roof, but not the entire storey.

According to the government, the difference between a loft room and an attic room is:


The term attic derives from the low decorative columns that often appear in the top storey of a building above the main façade in classical architecture. It was then adopted to refer to any decorative facade above the main story of a building, and subsequently, the space enclosed by such a facade.

The word ‘loft’ is thought to derive from Old Norse word ‘lopt’, meaning the upper chamber, upper region or sky, similar to the Old High German word ‘luft’, meaning air.

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Attic if it’s been converted into a room and loft if it’s just used to store stuff. Easy


Mine? Loft
Alisha’s? Attic



We have an attic room and loft space.

Juke Is, Juke Feels. This juke’s a person you know.

Loft (UK) - Dark. Eaves to hit your head on. Boxes of old toys. Spiders.

Loft (US) - Exposed brick. Band playing in the corner. Cool people.



Feel like an attic has a certain amount of… grandeur to it, though?

This has an attic


This has a loft

Paradise Loft.

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Always said attic in English — loft is literally the Norwegian word for it so I guess it’s felt more natural to say attic when I’m speaking a different language??? Have started saying loft when talking about the kind of thing that @guntrip described above or just a fancy renovated attic space I guess. Probably just influenced by US pop culture there though


finally, the thread weve been waiting for



Hmmmm??? :thinking:

Loft Conversion:

  • Attic becomes a loft
  • Loft becomes an attic

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Loft becomes a nicer loft

And thats where the term ‘lofty aspirations’ comes from :man_student:

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