Attractive Dan Eternal Truth

Let me tell you a fact of life; either you know an attractive man called Dan, or you are one.

  • This applies to me
  • This doesn’t apply to me and I’m a liar
  • This doesn’t apply to me and I’m telling the truth!

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My best friend at university was called Dan*. Anyone else had a best friend called Dan during any period of their life?

*average looks

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How come you’re not best friends anymore?

Yep, for a couple years


like to think i was very good friends with -dan-

before he forsook us

I’m not very good at staying in touch with people. He did come to my wedding and I spent a large portion of the evening hanging out with him. That was 8.5 years ago. Maybe I should try to get in contact again soon.

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I felt a brief pang of sadness but it has passed.

You should, we are our connections, and relationships need nurture. It will help you live a more fulfilling life which is all I want for you.

Happy 8.5th anniversary!

I saw on his whatsapp picture that he has a kid/s but now that picture is gone and it doesn’t even say that Hey there I’m using whatsapp thing. What does that mean. That’s not good is it?

I don’t know the answer to that but have wondered the same myself. Are you thinking it’s because he deleted his Whatsapp account or something?

Dan Teddington?

Yeah I guess so. Seems unusual. Like I can understand deleting Facebook or whatever but Whatsapp less so.

Yeah, that does seem like a hard thing to get annoyed by.

Maybe it’s the groups? I know some people get really annoyed when you add them to a new group and their first message is “ANOTHER GROUP!?” which I know is really thinly veiled boasting that they’re in so many Whatsapp groups.

Ok I have sent him a message and it has delivered (unread).

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He couldn’t handle being constantly compared to someone as beautiful as Balonz.


It is read!

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