Audiobooks/Podcasts/Music for long car journeys (Roadtrip Thread!)

What are you doing to occupy yourself on a long car journey?

We got through our last road trip by being super organised. We had a few podcast series lined up and some small quizzes to break up the listening. It gave us some material to chat about over the course of our 50 hours of driving over 2 weeks.

We’re doing it again and FUCK we’ve got nothing. We’ve listened to all our usual podcasts. We’re thinking of an audiobook but i’m not sure my heart is in it.

Talk to me about your roadtrip anecdotes. Any roadtrip beeves? Any shitting by the roadside? Got lost for hours?

Regularly do Leeds to Ipswich and back which normally takes 4.5hrs each way.

I start with a true crime podcast then an album then a comedy or wrestling podcast and that tends to finish just before I get there so I bang 6 music on for 5 minutes or so

Listen to Dan Carlin’s hardcore history 6 parter about the First World War. Good 20 hours there

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Hardcore History
Beat the Intro quizzes
I Spy
I Don’t Spy
Talk to each other about your hopes and dreams
Diddle each other
Listen to all 43 Eurovision 2018 songs and rate them out of 5

I just finished James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes audiobook and it was very good.

The long journeys are normally summer holiday drives to Cornwall, which is a five or six hour drive. My summer tunes playlist clocks in at over nine hours, so I normally just put that on (or I’ll have made another playlist to occupy the first couple of hours which I secretly hope I’ll be able to leave on repeat).

My fear is that the first long drive with a slightly more talkative and demanding toddler will involve listening to his god-awful nursery rhymes cd over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER!

yeah this^

did dan carlin’s roman one pretty much exclusively on a 16hr drive

or was it the mongols? one of them

Ironically over and over by hot chip is on your summer playlist

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autechre have just released 8 hours of new music. thatll do me :slight_smile:

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I like Cane and Rinse, for video games

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damn straight!

They might have released 8 hours of new material, but have they actually released 8 hours of new music? :wink:

How new is new and when does new become old :exploding_head:

And ‘all end’ is deffo music :wink:

Get either of the Alan Partridge audiobooks. Guaranteed pleasure.

Record yourself reading a book (or maybe even a play) then listen to that. You could do voices and sound effects and everything.

We usually download a Spotify playlist of old Kerrang TV music and then exchange stories about who was the biggest greebo (it was her) or argue about which fifth tier nu metal band was best / worst.




There’s a good podcast on the history of rome called ‘the history of rome’, broken down into hundreds of 10-15 minute episodes. I listened to that when I had a job that meant I was on the road a lot.

Dont think I’ve ever managed to concentrate on a radio play for more than 30 seconds without zoning out :neutral_face:

If I know I’m going on a massive roadtrip (6hrs+), I’ll make a special spotify playlist. If under, I get the TV/passengers to dj/choose which albums/playlists to play. This has involved listening to The Great escape by Blur, chosen by @plasticniki, in a massive traffic jam on the M42, and rubbish playlists involving too much Rush for anybody’s liking, chosen and curated by plasticmike.