I’m ill in bed.

Any well narrated audiobooks you recommend? The only thing I’ve ever listened to is Partridge.

I like fiction and nonfiction fiction. Comedy, sci fi, history, politics

I feel like so much of it washes over you it’s sort of a waste.
Having said that there’s some cool sherlock holmes ones on youtube


Obsessed by the Jon Ronson audiobooks. Read any?

I’ve started listening to Rubicon by Tom Holland which I’m really enjoying.

This is the main way that I ‘read’ these days. Long aimless cycles with an audiobook are the absolute best! :slight_smile:

I like to listen to books that I would usually find quite tough to read, for whatever reason.

Just finished Susan Sontag’s On Photography (read by Jennifer Van Dyck) and Wuthering Heights (read by Janet McTeer). Both wonderful, both I had struggled to read previously.

Limmy’s short story books. I find his voice funny, like Partridge, and I think it adds something.

Although I never listened to it, a production of the Pullman trilogy is supposed to be the gold standard of audiobooks. Mainly because it’s a proper production with voice actors and everything