Arguably the second worst of all the *philes.

Anyway, that said, can anyone recommend an amp that doesn’t cost too much. Has phono pre-amp, bluetooth, 1 x optical input.
Also recommend some speakers that also don’t cost too much. of the bookshelf variety preferably.


Don’t fuck around with this and get all hifi penoid please.


This thread is laced with self loathing


Agreed, anglophiles are the worst!


I like my wharfedale diamond 9.1s a lot. They are about 8 years old and still sound very nice

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Got this in the sales recently

flac > mp4 > m4a > mp3 > wav

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So, you’re ranking goes pedophiles, audiophiles, then necrophiles?

No, my friend, YOU’RE ranking.




Just get one of the Bluetooth things from an airport Dixon’s, they’re all made in the same factory anyway, it’s just marketing.

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Plus the right crystals, obviously, but that goes without saying.

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I met a proper £2,500-for-a-stylus type audiophile out in the wild recently. Confirmed my suspicions that the biggest audiophiles invariably have the worst taste in music. Also that they’re absolutely batshit - he was convinced his set up was being unfairly hampered by his area being served, “the wrong kind of electricity.”



Steely Dan fan, was it

read a review of a £39,000 CD player yesterday.

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Just go to richer sounds and get whatever they have that ticks the boxes and fits your budget

Anything beyond that and you will become the thing you hate


That better have a really, really satisfying closing action when you nudge it.

Almost certainly. But he was mostly chatting about how Coldplay and Adele sounded on his set up. He’s quite eccentric in other ways so I was quite disappointed he wasn’t at least blasting some mad free jazz on his costs-several-times-more-than-my-car sound system.

If you want something that sounds good just look for an all in one system with those specs and read user reviews. You’ll probably be served just fine especially from stores such as Richer Sounds or Audio T. If you’re able to do so just go in store outline your requirements and if possible ask for a demo.