Audrie & Daisy - Netflix documentary

Anybody seen this yet? Watched it last night and it made me angry. How the Sheriff of that small town can be such a confident rape-apologist completely infuriated me, especially considering he’s got 2 daughters. Genuinely unfathomable.

Saw it a couple of weeks ago, absolutely horrific, Audrie’s story in particular paints such a bleak picture of how broken sentencing can be in regards to sexual assault boggles the mind that despite all three perpetrators saying they were guilty the highest sentence that was given was 45 days.

Also, pretty sure one of the guys deleted the video when he was given his phone back to turn off.

Yeah he was fiddling about with that for ages before yer baldy police officer went to have a look. Proper suspicious.

With you though, completely stupefied how Audrie and Daisy were silenced in all of this, even after a second much more public trial in Daisy’s case.