Augmented Reality

For such a bold-sounding term and an exciting concept this has been pretty dull so far.

Let’s jazz this shit up.

What do you want to see happen?

I can’t think of anything that’s strictly AR at the moment but I did come up with the idea of a Shazam-style app for farts so that you can identify who dealt it.

Let your minds run free.

(Or don’t, see if I fucking care).

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When I was a kid I thought up a video game that was basically Street Fighter, but the characters would essentially be projected into the room and the fight would interact with the actual surroundings, knocking over tables and stuff.

That’s basically a thing now, but do I get any credit? Do I fuck.

I’m going to commission a statue of you, I hope this makes up for the lack of recognition you feel.

What public place shall I apply for its erection?

Maybe put the statue in a public square in augmented reality.

Pokemon Go and making a Pidgey sit on my cat’s head will always be the pinnacle of AR.


Also adding snapchat filters to the faces of international footballers as they sing their national anthem on TV.

Travel directions/radio details/speedometer etc on the car windscreen.

Directions in particular could be brilliant. An overlay of the road, showing which lane to be in when at junctions. Game changer.

Would need the entire windscreen to be a kind of translucent screen though so not cheap.

Or a hologram projected onto it.

i’ve said to my wife before when we’ve been driving on the motorway that having some kind of augmented reality/whatever thing that knows how fast you’re going and shows your stopping distance, so you know if you’re too close to the car in front. usually triggered by those bits where they have the chevrons on the road and tell you to stay two chevrons back, so basically that but more high tech.

but yeah, reckon stuff like this on a car windscreen would be ace.

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I’d like an AI hologram girlfriend who I sometimes project on top of a prostitute that she hires on my behalf in a weird creepy scene that almost tips the whole film. Please.


My car has this (a hologram projected onto a little screen in front of the windscreen that shows speed and sat nav directions)

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I’d quite like one in pubs that projects the name, price and strength of all the beers above the taps. Bonus points if it links into untapped so I can see which ones I’ve already tried and tells me if I liked them or not.

A running units/cash spent counter might be good so I have some idea when to go home but I’d probably turn that off tbh.


wouldn’t having flashing lights on your windscreen be quite distracting?

I’m a big fan of stopping distances

Or their pin numbers.

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A decent Find My Friends app. Yeah, I can see where someone is on a map, but when I’m in a town centre with loads of crowds it’d be handy if there was a big flashing arrow in the sky that clearly showed where the TV has holed herself up.

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Not a great look. :slight_smile:

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well for the thing i’m thinking of, it’d just be an AR rectangle “projected” onto the road in front of you, and if a car is in that box then you should back off, maybe it’d change colour if something was detected but i dunno, wasn’t imagining anything flashing up. same with any other stuff on your screen, would imagine it’d be subtle and semi transparent so it’s not distracting. wouldn’t want lights and things popping up all over the place in front of you.

ah right. I was imaging it as like a pinball style overlay with flashing lights, things whizzing all over the place, loads of pointless noises. gamify your driving experience

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