August 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



hey @roastthemonaspit i watched Morvern Callar - really enjoyed it. thought there was a weird shift in tone when it goes to Spain but then there were some points near the end where Samantha Morton was absolutely spellbinding - especially when the literary agents turn up.


Nights of Zayandeh-Rood - really good, amazing thr story behind it

The Girl on The Traizzzzzzzzzx


In the US, Moviepass looks like it’s in trouble and has had to change its terms and conditions:

The UK equivalent, cpass, has gone very quiet since its hyped launch in March:


Doesn’t this look great already? Can’t wait!


The Incredibles 2 was so good. Bao (the short at the beginning) was worth the cost of the ticket alone.


as no one else has mentioned apostasy- it’s outstanding, the acting and script especially. I don’t know much about jehovah’s, but the film portrayed it as being used to totally control women.

great week at the cinema for me- cold war with pawlikowski q & a was a treat too.


Really want to see Apostasy, not showing at any of the multiplexes though unsurprisingly


watched the Cabin Fever remake cause I remember as a teen really liking the original but I cant recall a lot of it. apparently this is quite a straight remake and it was actually alright. i am surprised its got 0% on RT as its nowhere near that bad. ita nothing amazing but it atill had some good moments


Very much up for The Meg.
Big shark, The Stath, ridiculous CGI. What’s not to like?


During Bao there was a bigger scream from the audience than there was during Hereditary.


Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Very good fun, great action sequences, though what the hell was Alec Baldwin doing trying to take on Henry Cavill? No wonder he got done in!

Series ranking:
4 > 1 > 6 > 3 > 5 > 2


watched Nerve last night, pretty good film. made me a bit anxious at times. completely fucked it with the silly kumbaya ending though.


really? think it’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen, not that i stuck it out.


The thing with Dave Franco? Yeah it’s ok, agreed on the ending.

Same directors released a film a few months later called Viral, a sorta horror virus zombie type thing, that I thought was much better.


did you? why did you think it was so bad

tbf i think Eli Roth is my cinema guilty pleasure


just adds nothing. despite being essentially a scene-by-scene remake written by the same guy(in itself, why?) it takes out all the weird, zany stuff from the original, characters are completely empty, i just couldn’t figure out the point of it.


yeah it was an odd choice i guess. i dunno i still found it quite entertaining as something to watch on a friday night. might rewatch the original, see how that stands up


Have you seen The Green Inferno?

(Also, don’t bother with his remake of Death Wish. First one of his films I’ve genuinely got nothing from)


i did. im sure its a bit troubling from a cultural point of view but it didnt half make me feel uneasy which I guess is what it set out to do

also maintain the final scenes to Knock Knock are some of the most entertaining things ever

conpletely forgot he did Death Wish. probs give that a miss