August 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


also Green Inferno it was quite good to see a proper throwback to video nasties


i don’t know if it’s strictly an Eli Roth film but i thought Aftershock was ace (he acts in it as well). very gruesome but very tense too


yeah I remember quite enjoying that at the time.

i also thnk he is pretty good in Inglorious Basterds but everyone seems to disagree


It’s sorta pointless remaking Death Wish generally because the original was such a product of its era and the prevailing cultural attitudes towards big cities, but even ignoring that it was just really flat. Bruce Willis was a poor casting choice - Charles Bronson, no matter what silliness he got up to in the 1980s, never looked like an action hero, it doesn’t have the menace of the original, and frankly there’s something uncomfortable (and not good-uncomfortable) about a movie in 2018 where a rich white guy just starts killing criminals who are mostly all black in a city with a long history of racial segregation.

Yes - and I also really liked that the end credits included a list of his recommended cannibal horror nasties, like a bibliography :meat_on_bone:


Bruce Willis isnt half putting his name to some shite recently, no idea why he does it. i might check it out at some point but not rushing


Recently? Looper and Moonrise Kingdom are about the only films since maybe Unbreakable where he’s actually bothered to make an effort.


Ant-Man and the Wasp

Was OK, easily the best bit was Ghost suddenly appearing during Luis’ interrogation and scaring the crap out of everyone. I keep imagining Marvel having a meeting to decide whether they should replace the Morrissey references with Leonard Cohen ones in post-production and deciding ‘fuck it’



And of course it was a SyFy original movie.

Must be a laugh working for them. Any stupid idea you have they’re all over.


Yeah, Apostasy is amazing. Brilliant attention to detail and it’s a lot more about what’s not said (brilliant use of silence etc). My husband is an ex-witness and was brought to tears, saying it was an extremely accurate portrayal of his experiences.

Really brilliant film - it’s already out on DVD too, btw.


I watched Romeo and Juliet for the first time since being forced to watch it at school and it was incredible - so well translated to film. They really had a good grasp of how to make it understood in a visual way. The start is such a good time that it almost made me kinda wish it was all goofy and fun and somehow dispensed with the tragedy but I know that’s sacrilege! Plus Pete Postlethwaite is just the best ain’t he?!


watched the first Mission: Impossible last night for the first time since I was a kid (not sure I’d ever actually seen it the whole way through)

it starts off pretty well but is pretty much awful by the end with some really questionable shit in it. i thought the bike chase at the end of M:I2 was bad but man, the helicopter/channel tunnel stuff in this one has aged so, so badly that it’s definitely worse.

6/10. basically need to just pretend the series started this decade.


Saw Summer 1993 last night and the performances from the child actors (6 and 3 year olds) were phenomenal, especially Laia Artigas’s performance. Laia Artigas’s performance as 6 year old Frida, struggling to comprehend the loss of her mother and father’s deaths, was heart-breaking, but overall it was a beautiful film. I admit it, I cried in places. Bereavement in childhood is a very emotive and difficult subject to tackle but Carla Simón portrayed it in a very understated and poignant way. The final scene was just devastating.

I highly recommend.


so Call Me By Your Name was pretty great, really enjoyed how funny it was in parts in a really ‘real’ way and i especially loved the first time they speed off on the bikes just after their first ‘encounter’, really felt the sense of restless energy.

however the peach scene was a bit much. and i also thought the dad revelation was a bit too serendipitous?

timmy chalet is a great lil actor though innit - really nailed the dog day afternoon/michael clayton-esque ending.

7 on 10


I think First Reformed is the only one i saw. Might see Apostasy this Friday though.


The Dad scene was amazing


Also just watched The Elephant Man for the first time. In a way it feels like the Dazed and Confused to Eraserhead’s Slacker, in terms of carrying a lot of the experimental stuff over into an otherwise more conventional film.


just saw First Reformed. definitely one to think over. very powerful

also saw Loving Vincent which is fantastic


I watched it around the time Ghost Protocol came out. The mostly remember it completely overusing Dutch angles?!?


When was Spike Lee’s last really decent film? 25th Hour? Looking forward to BlacKkKlansman.