August 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


is Inside Man good? never seen it

EDIT: it’s on Amazon Prime - gonna give it a watch


25th Hour and Inside Man are the two good ones he’s done since 2000 (prior to BlacKkKlansman anyway)


I never saw Inside Man but it’s good to see this new one is getting hype; 97% on RT etc.

Actually the last thing i saw of his was this, which was amazing he really does make a fantastic rock doc


yeah i think the last thing I saw of his was When The Levees Broke which I remember being a pretty impactful documentary


Watched Deep Blue Sea last night in preparation for The Meg. Bit rubbisher than I remember it being but still solid cheesy fun. The bit where Samuel L Jackson gets eaten is a genuine surprise and top notch moment.


Is that the one with LL Cool J and his parrot? It’s one of the greats! Kinda makes me sad that a lot of bad films are knowingly bad now - takes some of the fun out of it!



It is particularly good with regards to the surviving characters being in really good moods and making wisecracks at the end, just seconds after their friend died.


Wasn’t the original ending Saffron Burrows’ character survives as well, but test audiences wanted her killed off, so they changed it - maybe the wisecracks were meant for the original ending!


Ah that wouldn’t be surprising at all because the death scene really comes out of nowhere. Still you think Thomas Jane and LL Cool J would be pretty torn up about Michael Rapaport who is portrayed as their best mate. Very amusing stuff.


“Outstanding achievement in popular film”

Ooh boy


I liked Chi-Raq more than most people. It was pretty uneven, tho.


That is very clumsily phrased isn’t it. What kind of measure will define popular film? U.S. gross?


It’s bizarre. I’m guessing it’ll just end up being “The Academy concession to genre pictures” in practice


Feel like they could just call it the Marvel Award as it seems destined to be something like Black Panther or Infinity War that wins this


Aye, possibly. I’m guessing it’ll be their way of making sure they never have to nominate anything like Get Out again


Surprise surprise, Eigth Grade, which the whole internet is raving about doesn’t haven’t a UK release date yet :upside_down_face:



it’s perfect <3

the peach scene is wonderfully indulgent in a kinda gross way. it’s totally in keeping with the joyous liberated romantic feeling.

the dad revelation is an antidote to the way every other film would have him judgemental and uncomfortable. the wonder of that film is how it avoids the conflict of a more typical Western narrative

I love it. pretty sure it’s my favourite film, so y’know…


I saw Apostasy at the weekend. I wasn’t totally blown away, but it was good.

Steven had me on edge from the moment he was introduced. that dynamic made me really uncomfortable. not saying it was bad, just that I couldn’t lose myself in it feeling that way. the way he insinuated himself in “courting” Alex, in the way she was so unworldly and flattered by his attentions. creeped me right out.


Not sure about your second spoiler - I agree a LOT of films would generate false conflict there, but I can equally think of a good number of screen dads that would be very unstanding, kind and decent in that scenario. Wouldn’t be the same as the genuine empathy the dad in CMBYN has, but it’s still something.

Not to shit on your fav film at all, I just felt that film got incredibly praised for doing things that I’d seen before. It wasn’t as unique as I’d been lead to believe, though it was still pretty great so I’m arguing over literally nothing.