August 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


I guess my issue with the dad bit is that he couldn’t just be happy for his son without some massive revelation that he also once had feelings for a man, but beyond that that those feelings were so intense he almost wishes he hadn’t married Timmy’s mum (or at least that’s what I got from it) - it just seemed a bit too far the other way, like he was only happy for him cos he could conveniently completely empathise - still, nitpicking, good film peach scene still gross tho


nothing else I’ve seen felt as sweet and unfettered as that. the performance of Elio’s dad was so genuine and so free of even the suggestion of anything other than love and acceptance.


guess I didn’t really think about it that way. too lost in reverie and emotion, tbh dude. I think for me, at the time, the words he said and the unconditional love he showed were like… the exact words I needed to hear, too.


[bites knowingly into a peach]


i didn’t think that “reveal” was presented as a bombshell or anything, or even meant to be taken as anything surprising. thought that scene was amazing tbh.


Absolutely - his speech was one of total understanding and support and it was refreshingly honest and vulnerable, especially coming from a parent. I feel like the film was very candid about a lot of uncomfortable things really. The peach scene was a part of that too. I also think it’s an important film in that it will encourage a lot of tormented people to find the bravery to be more aligned with themselves.


We can all agree that Michael Stuhlbarg is always great at least


Still can’t believe he didn’t win the Oscar for A Serious Man, didn’t even get a nom!


Wasn’t nominated for Call Me By Your Name either :frowning:


He was great in it but I did not love that film


My husband who used to be a witness told me he’d met “a hundred Stevens” - its very common for new members of the congregation to try to pair up with a sister quite promptly. Eurgh.


Fire and Ice, 1983 high fantasy barbarian cartoon directed by Ralph Bakshi (who also did the pretty bad Lord of the Rings cartoon, which I remember more fondly than I probably ought to) in collaboration with Frank Frazetta (nothing to do with GRR Martin though). But christ - it’s dubious in so many ways, gender politics (99% of characters, human or otherwise, are wearing very revealing loin cloths and not just the women, but still…) and race stuff (the ‘subhuman’ bad guys), not to mention the story being cliched drivel. This kind of shit is why fantasy has a bad name! I suppose the animation (or rotoscoping) is quite enjoyably dated at least.

Robert Rodriguez is apparently signed up to make a live action remake too!That will no doubt be only slightly less terrible if it ever does emerge, but I would probably watch it anyway


i can’t remember whether it had been spoiled beforehand but the moment he starts that speech i could see it coming.


Distant Voices Still Lives is having a 4k restoration next month. Its in my top 10 ever and if you have a chance to see it on a big screen, don’t waste it.


exciting new sonic the hedgehog news


Went to see the Teen Titans movie and it was genuinely brilliant. It’s about half totally on-point jokes about superhero movies and half really weird pop culture references that I have no idea how kids will understand. Plus, Will Arnett voicing the bad guy, and the best songs since the Lego Movie.


i listened to the radio 5 review and it seemed like itd be perfect for people, dunno why its not got such a big response


Apparently Idris Elba as James Bond is back on the table


  • I would watch a new Bond film regardless of who it is
  • I don’t like Bond but I’d watch it with Elba in
  • No matter who’s in it they’ll still be films I won’t enjoy
  • IIIIIIIIIIIIDRIIISSSSSSSS ELBAAAAAAAAAAH charges into combat leaving the rest of your party discussing tactics

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Idris Elba will be pushing 50 by the time the next next Bond comes out. I want someone young.


Tom Cruise has made two MI films since he passed 50. Liam Neeson’s in his 60s and still doing that shit. I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Tom Cruise is an exception and Liam Neeson looks creaky. But that’s besides the point. I just want something a bit fresher than a 50 year old guy running around shooting guns and seducing women. Love the Daniel Craig era but think the changes they made with a more dynamic Moneypenny and younger Q could be matched in the casting of a new Bond.