August 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


Twas great, yeah. Reminded me of seeing Blue Velvet for the first time, the bizarre twisted satirical-ness of it all. Was a bit anxious about the aforementioned post, mainly cause I was gonna say hi properly afterwards but I dunno where they went to (hoping they don’t think I was being mega rude).

Tldr it was very


Soundtrack is great as well, quite vapourwavey. I mean, yeah, it’s all yer 80s synths and samplers and whatnot but it had that kind of spooky detachment to it as well


Been a while since Moore made a decent fist of anything but…


If it’s just as successful as Fahrenheit 9/11 was then…er…Trump wins the popular vote too in 2020.


Well Mamma Mia was just brilliant. Was grinning like a goon and dancing in my seat. Possibly better than the first?

The Meg however, I’m very sorry to report, is bad bad. The worst film I have seen in the cinema since Terminator Genisys. I had such high hopes but it’s just very poorly made and boring. I have no idea how the budget was so high cos the whole thing looks like fucking shit. It’s all really clearly filmed on a tank, the CGI in general is abysmal but the shark in particular looks atrocious. Takes ages to get any Meg action going, characters backstories are dumb.

A fair few blockbusters these days are clearly made to try and cater to American and Chinese audiences at the same time. Sometimes (Skyscraper) this is fine and well executed, but here it’s really weird. There’s a five minute section at the end which is just a Chinese film and it’s really odd.

Not worth a cinema trip, leave it for home viewing and it might not be so disappointing


See you there.


Teen Titans Go! To the Movie

Pretty fun, might actually be better than all three MCU films this year. The running joke about Slade being a really sinister sounding name doesn’t work so well in the UK though as it just makes me think of Noddy Holder


Thrilled to be going to this tomorrow. Never seen any Altman on a big screen before and this is his best i think.


Have signed up for Nicholas Winding Refn’s film site for unearthed and restored cult films etc. ( – watched two of the things on it so far and I’m very impressed. But what’s on it at the moment might not be for everyone (despite the tagline)

The Nest of The Cuckoo Birds (1965) is a genuinely great rediscovery: amateurish and auteurish at the same time, a weird, sweaty everglades-based southern gothic horror, with over the top melodramatic performances, intense, stark lighting, incredible soundtrack (almost constant) by the director’s wife. Not a conventionally good film, but exactly what I was hoping for.

Shanty Tramp (1967), on the other hand is a sleazy and unpleasant film about the entanglement of small town prostitution, hypocritical preachers, motorcycle gangs, racism and racial violence, alcoholism and familial abuse. Remarkable in its entirely amoral way, even if it wasn’t much fun to watch. The synopsis on imdb completely misrepresents the film though.

The other film in the first batch, Hot Thrills and Warm Chills, looked like it might be pleasingly incoherent but maybe too much go-go dancing etc. for my taste so I haven’t bothered.

I am quite hoping there’s some lost Andy Milligan stuff that will end up on there, but if there is they’re keeping it quiet for now.


he put these on Mubi so its a bit odd hes made a separate site.

I really liked Shanty Tramp though


I suppose this site is free, and there’s loads of extra ‘curated’ shit to read too (and he can put his name to it and have idiots like me thinking how great, generous and wonderful he is for doing it). I should probably start checking the mubi thread though


ah fair, I didnt know it was a thing so thanka for the tip


The unhinged replies to this are great


Watched Journeyman last night. Loved it

@bugduv you seen it?


Aye. I think it’s the best boxing film i’ve seen.



Thought you’d like it


Back when I could afford myself the luxury of a public twitter I slagged off Snyder after having watched the utter fucking brain injury that is sucker punch. Didn’t tag him obviously cause I’m not a twat but the guy retweeted me anyway maybe hoping for a fan boy pile on. It did not materialise.

And that is my Snyder story.


I don’t understand what any of that means

Am I out of touch?


Oh man, what an excellent film to watch in the cinema on a Sunday evening. Perfect. Am jell.


I watched The Cloverfield Paradox last night. Random thoughts

  • Spoilers: the arm bit was pretty funny tbf, the last shot was fucking stupid
  • It’s frustrating bc I think there’s a decent film in there somewhere, buried underneath all the random shit they threw in there.
  • Also frustrating because, in inexplicably trying to force it to be a Cloverfield film, they throw out everything that was interesting about Cloverfield (the small scale and little details in the original, which I’m a big fan of [as well as the second one]) and replace it with some totally standard “oh no, we shat our pants in space and made a monster come out” sort of thing. It’s like the problems coming from Prometheus trying to be an Alien prequel but with the redundancy turned up to eleven