August 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


i dont thnk I have disliked a character more than Chris O’Dowd’s in that


watched last night The Last Boy Scout. an utterly ridiculous film from the very first scene, but you kind of just go with it anyway, which is always a good sign. one of the all-time great child actor performances as well from Danielle Harris.


v disappointed with that meg report. how you gonna take a concept as foolproof as the stath vs shark and make it boring? will watch it anyway obvs but man, what a let down


That’s a Shane Black script, isn’t it? Bought on spec off the back of his Lethal Weapon work. Great opening scene.


yeah apparently his original script was much darker with less comedy. still laughing at ‘eat shit, redneck!’



watched The Canyons. yeah its really bad


Unfriended: Dark Web - Good stupid fun. Possibly more stupid than the first one but also more fun than the first one too? I genuinely think, despite it being a huge gimmick, the craft of being able to create compelling drama via a desktop screen is really impressive. The way it draws your eyes to certain parts of the screen etc must require so much planning and thought. It’s a very stupid film but I had a good time with it.

Dog Days - Look, I don’t care how shit a film is, if it’s got a scene with a wise old man giving his dog away to an adorable little girl I’m going to fucking weep ok?


Really enjoyed this yesterday (my fears of turning up to a kid’s film alone on a Sunday morning were unfounded when the only other person in the cinema was a man in his 20s)



yeah I think they do areally good job of taking the gimmick and actually using it as opposed to just resting on the laurels. The whole thing of taking advantage of phones losing wifi to discuss whats happening is dead simple but comes across really well done. There’s also some sort of weird dread of just seeing a youtube link




I refer you to my earlier point about a wise old man and an adorable little girl and a dog transaction


The little description I read on Wikipedia made it sound like Magnolia but with dogs in it


I reckon you could interpret it’s glossy, family-friendly sheen as deeply troubling and surreal so yeah, I’m gonna go with this. The film Dog Days starring Vanessa Hudgens, Jon Bass, Eva Longoria, Adam Pally and a whole host of adorable dogs is a logical cinematic sibling of Magnolia and I am actually highbrow.


I bet it’s no Show Dogs


It’s better than Show Dogs which was something of a disappointment to the genre


Also, I made a thread ages ago about who was the modern equivalent of Bonnie Hunt in the family-film-mom role and it turns out that it’s Eva Longoria


JP: Fallen Kingdom is such a weird film. the first half just seems so rushed, these pretty cool set-pieces that are kind of haphazardly thrown together with no real sense of how one scene leads to the next. the Franklin character, i might have missed some exposition but i had no idea why he was there. second half is just bizarre but less incompetent, in fairness. pretty entertaining and pretty ‘wtf’ overall


what’s your top 5 of the genre please tone

  1. Beethoven’s 2nd
  2. Homeward Bound
  3. Marley and Me
  4. Beethoven
  5. Soccer Dog: European Cup