August 2018 Politics Thread

we do indeed, hyg, we do indeed.

post your thoughts on our continuing descent into hellworld.

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just a big load of bollocks isn’t it


no u

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I think you meant to say “Bollock-tits more like”.

just a game to you huh?

wow this thread really blew up! check out my bro’s soundcloud raps if you get a sec, guys


Sorry @kiyonemakibi, making an executive decision based upon which one I’ve already posted in

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From the previous thread:

Not a legal bod, but it stands to reason if procedure wasn’t followed. Even if the defendant plead guilty, they weren’t dealt with fairly and may have entered their plea based on being misled.

I would imagine that he’ll be found guilty again in his retrial, unless something turns up that prejudices the case.

makes sense i guess, @hip_young_gunslinger posted a good explainer there.


Wasn’t alive back then so can someone tell me if the disgusting sadism of this government has surpassed Thatcher yet? Really struggling with this

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Sweepstake on which bbc shitshow will have a hard hitting ‘interview’ with Robinson first??

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Whoever it is they’ll have to get behind Piers Morgan’s 3 hour simperathon.


Can’t imagine most of the media would go near him while he’s on bail pending a second trial. And as flawed as the BBC are, they’re more cautious than most on this stuff.

They’ll just get the likes of Farage on to comment on how great Robinson is instead

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your tax money at work

A blockade of rebel-held Northern Yemen stops reporters from getting here. Journalists are not allowed on flights into the area. No cameras, no pictures.

At the weekend, the Economist retweeted their grubby little article from January, in which the famine in Yemen was blamed on Yemeni’s Qat habits.

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there’s a great citations needed episode where they break down this magical “15000” deaths figure various sources have been claiming since the first year of the war, and they go into loads of detail about how this far into the conflict it is literally impossible the number is still that low, given the indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas, disease outbreaks and famine, and the ongoing blockade and siege. it’s undoubtedly in the 100s of 1000s by now.

another aspect of the conflict is what an utter failure it has been so far from the perspective of the saudi army. given they’re armed and supported by us and the states, it’s embarrassing for everyone concerned how poorly they’ve performed (wider geopolitical ramifications too, since part of the motivation behind the war on yemen was to shock and awe any watching iranians/russians. i don’t think they’re all that impressed tbh). i mean, on the one hand it’s satisfying to the anti-imperialist that they (and we) have been humbled…on the other it probably just inspires ever more insanely violent attacks and bombing runs on the country from our side.

it’s scary how effectively this war has been pushed out of the spotlight, how war crimes on this scale are being covered up on a daily basis in the media and by our government.

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Yeah i posted this in the wrong thread, yes i made this thread so should have known. Anyway hadley freeman is at it again

then i said “lol what” to this…

gonna pop more tory foreign policy and class war stuff itt now. antisemitism debate is going nowhere, neither side doing a great job atm.

JFC. hope this lot get binned off ASAP -some pretty indefensible stuff in there.