August 2018 Politics Thread


I sometimes wonder if he had his shame surgically removed as a young man or if he relies on some kind of shame suppressing medication to keep doing what he does.



lol what a wanker




I think he’s kind of got a point there. If the complaint is unjustified, play the ball, not the person. If it’s actually reasonable, then the fact that it might be being made in bad faith is completely irrelevant and only serves to give the impression we don’t care about the underlying issue

(Obviously there’s a spectrum for these things…)


Have read this multiple times and no idea what you’re saying

edit - oh thought you were replying to the Peston tweet.

Anyway, the reason for the James Bloodworth tweet is cos of Abi Wilkinson’s Finkelstein/Andrew Neil stuff. Which is all completely justified. People will come to see the idea of ‘whataboutery’ in the same vein as ‘political correctness’, as something to redefine goodness as badness, up as down, wet as dry etc. Moral consistency is the fundamental basis of morality itself.


Did we all enjoy Saudi Arabia threatening to 9/11 Canada today

Classic bit of whataboutery I know, but imagine the front pages if Iran had posted something like this.


it’s no good calling labour an antisemitic party if you’re complicit in spreading other forms of prejudice. which almost all the pundits lobbing around accusations of antisemitism are.

also, he’s having a passive go at abi wilks for demonstrating that finklestein and neil are in bed with fascists. fuck him tbh.


Reminded of this good thread i read earlier


Hate the word whataboutery.

Every time a read it written down i mentally say it in the voice of Glendenning with a capital aitch.


I mean, I don’t disagree with you, I just think in the case of Labour and anti-Semitism at the moment, it’s a completely counter productive thing to do - more harmful than helpful.


what he is describing there isn’t even the death penalty and would be lawful killing in most jurisdictions

analytic philosophy is so stupid on every level


legit amazing they got away with the first one and now they’ve threatened to do it again to another country and it’s barely news


I don’t know if it is about Abi tbh. think it’s directed much more at Bastani who does come across as a bit of a twat.


so… what can we do to stop the earth dying?


did you read that report in the guardian today :pensive:


kill off the people?


bit much. Sorry… Feeling pretty low about humanity today though.


Nothing, just get on with things is all you can do


have thought about starting a climate change thread but i dunno…i mean it’d basically be documenting our own mass suicide. duno if it’d be good for anyone’s MH.