August 2018 Politics Thread


was gonna do the same myself, but with the brexit thread, fascism thread and monthly politics threads I don’t know if I can take any more gloom.


It’s just done isn’t it. Enjoy yourselves as it’s gonna go mad soon.
We’ve discussed climate change as a driver for the neo-liberal shift right and closing of the borders before.
Genuinely think that people know more than they’re letting on and it’s really really fucked


Everyone’s in a great mood this morning huh




The way these recent articles have been increasingly stating the idea that limiting global warming to 2 degrees may be too little too late…makes me think you’re right.

There’s still a long way to go to even convince certain powers to make the steps necessary to achieve 2. We are so far from what is needed right now


Does anyone remember that BBC (I think) drama from about a decade (possibly longer) ago where walls/hard borders went up to ‘protect’ Europe from African migrants moving North due to climate change? Seems pretty prescient now.


Alright Thanos.


Can we just declare it a complete emergency, like a wartime situation, and ban any non-essential fuel use (or ration it), ban production of beef, ban other things that I think of later?


Come on, people. As if Elon would let this happen


do you think left wing politicians/people should talk about degrowth more? even the best lefty people seem to be on board for more growth, just automated.

probably be way unpopular.


I just hope there’s a decade left at least. Would like some time to live and love and come to terms with death really.


i remember they’d only air the first planet earth series in america if they cut all references to climate change to avoid upsetting sponsors/politicians. a small example but pretty telling all the same.

i think it’s been too late for a very long time, unfortunately.

this is a great companion doc to “children of men” which explores a world increasingly divided by walls/climate disaster/war/etc


John McDonnell suggest support for antifa against rise of the right

Nearly Every reply is by fbpe chumps going on about brexit again


And Stephen Pollard reading it as evidence that Jews are right to be concerned for some reason.


I think so. Redistribution and re-use really are the way forward, with any growth coming from efficiency rather than consumption. It’s a hard sell though, because it’s always simplified as “they just want to take away from the strivers who built our great nation” or some similar bollock.


this is the idiocy you’re up against in this conversation:

discourse and political thinking is so corroded and infantile that this^ passes for wisdom and deep thought, and tens of thousands of people in 2018 genuinely don’t know the difference between a fascist and an antifascist


I wonder if people knew during the rise of fascism in the 20s and 30s


We already are. It’s called Brexit!!

Now how’s that for satire?? Call the BBC and get me on a panel show, stat!


Genuinely baffles me that people think “they’re two sides of the same coin” is a valid argument…


As soon as there is a phrase or analogy that’s widely accepted to have a meaning it just becomes dogmatic for many people. Once you apply it it’s evidently true. Such is the power of language/condensing meaning