August 2018 Politics Thread


i get a bit annoyed when people check me on wanting to regulate the press more heavily, as if i’m going full Lenin. Freedom of press is vital, but allowing them to run roughshod isn’t the same thing >:-(


I think the solution is to equivocate endlessly on messageboards personally.


I’d be fully up for the press regulating themselves if they showed themselves to be responsible. They’re not even pretending to try at the moment though, and this is POST Levenson.


Well I hope that response has made you feel better, if nothing else.


That’s a pretty low bar you’ve set there


Only because it generated a response from you. :heart:


Oh I wasn’t saying you had to - just at some point, if he continues down that line of thinking (I’m admittedly reading too much into a single tweet) HE will have to do so. And it may not be pretty.

That all sounds sensible if you ask me. I don’t actually think the Bannon stuff will go anywhere because I think he’s a total fraud who got lucky once. But I won’t rest on my laurels on that, not for a second.


yes but at this point we’re in a world where optimism has more low bars than


if you said “a limbo convention”, go to page 32
if you said “a nightclub for short people”, go to page 40
if you said “the bass section of a sheep choir”, you have died.


Why does the most interesting option always kill me :frowning:


Have you seen the figures for 2015 though?

The big swing in support towards the conservatives happened between 2010 and 2015, when Ed Miliband was leader, and when the Tories, and Tory press were hammering his ‘north london geek’ weirdness.


Maybe the public’s given up listening to any politics for the summer


When UKIP overtake the libdems will people still think that brexit will be overturned




Yes, I’m aware. I looked up 2007, 2010, and 2015 and will happily admit I cherrypicked the election that made my point in the best way I could, which at the end of the day was simply that he was implying cause and effect/conspiracy where there’s no evidence in his figures to demonstrate it.


there were no arrests

if ukip know these three were involved then why don’t the police


In fairness the police have to operate under a higher burden of proof to arrest someone than a political party does to suspend someone.



That ham-faced cunt gets off far too lightly for destroying the country, doesn’t he?

Why has he not been hounded into exile or chased away to a cave in the Higlands?


is there a concept called the attention economy?

if not i’m making it up here

the media struggles to keep our attention, but a way to get our attention is to showcase extremists

the bbc have fucked up by chasing ratings instead of focusing on quality which is why they’re a part of the problem

basically clickbait has ruined the world

this isn’t particularly directed at any specific point


Good reporting is expensive. Opinion pieces and interviews are cheap