August 2018 Politics Thread



Why did I scroll through that entire cul-de-sac of hideous shithouses?

Christ I need a drink.


Jess Phillips :roll_eyes:


fun fact. i’m mates with ONE of these people. Not one of the shit ones don’t worry

edit: in fact i’m meeting them for lunch tomorrow in fact. am i in fact part of the problem?*

*probably yes.


Hope you and Katy have a nice lunch





Xylo and Katy balls meet at 12. “Long time no see buddy, what do you fancy, Italian? Light bite? Pret and take it to the park?”


enter safebruv


Katy balls guardian op Ed.

“My lunch of dread with the so called tolerant left”


Glimpsed that headline about 1 degree increase being about it for the planet and couldn’t bring myself to click on the article.

Had a really low moment thinking about my wee boy. I’ve had a good life and the planet/society has been grim at times/ mostly bearable but I just keep thinking about explaining to him when he’s a wee bit older things like - yeah we used to have free healthcare but, yeah we had polar bears but, yeah you would have loved this park ten years ago but, yeah we fucked it sorry. I mean I’m sure I’m not the first one to feel like this but still.


One of Taki’s ‘Swedish admirers?’


my moneys on Mick Hucknall - he’s angling for a go in the xylotub


I’ll never tell, obv, but i swear it’s not a baddie.


Xylo comes home and sees his wife looking worried

A: Xylo, there are these people, who said that they were your friends, and … and they’re in the hot tub.
X: Oh great, that’ll be Mick Hucknall, and his supermodel pals!
[dashes upstairs, gets changed and runs down into the garden]
X: …
MH: Eeehhhhh! Look who I brought along with me: Andrew Neil and Rupert Murdoch! Hop in!

Niche erotica

It’s really shit. Don’t read the article.


If you knew anything about xylo, you’d know that going upstairs to get changed isn’t a requirement for a hot tub session




You know what? my rep used to be Tantruming About Stuff Embarrassingly, so if weird sex pond bloke is my new brand, so be it.


Flies off the handle a quickly has he takes his pants off near water.

A pm’d description of you from an unnamed poster


imagine someone PMing it and not just saying it! very DiS