August 2018 Politics Thread


it’s interesting how in labour’s case, fringe cranks infecting the party with antisemitism is an existential threat to the country (which i would agree with), but in the tories’ case, their racism is just one of their chess pieces, something to be deployed for tactical advantage, and we’re hysterical whataboutists for expressing concern at how blase the media are about it.




A couple of issues with that thread, imo

it’s odd that no article has yet properly linked the rise of antisemitism (on all sides) to a rise in islamophobia because I assure you, the two are intertwined

Trump’s “on all sides” combined with a contestable claim. Are they? In the US, maybe, but antisemitism has been a feature of the British left for a while now. Stop the War, SWP, Galloway, Livingstone, etc. etc. This feels like Whataboutery dressed up as analysis imo.

A few tweets later, “Ed Miliband’s support for Palestine” gets turned into “Ed Miliband’s support for Gaza” - given the election of Hamas, that’s something of a rhetorical trick imo. The big difference between Miliband and Corbyn is Corbyn’s explicit support for Hamas in the past

Not necessarily disagreeing with the practical suggestions but it’s ironic that a thread about unconscious bias contains so much unconscious bias of its own. Proving its own point perhaps?


Has anyone else noticed that Theresa May signs her letters “Brian May” ?




Are they what? Intertwined, or on the rise?

Most surveys point to antisemitism and islamophobia rising across all sectors of society, with both being significantly lower amongst Labour voters than the population as a whole. I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to try and place this within the wider context, and to also ask why no article has properly looked at the different motivations behind the rise of antisemitism and islamophobia (which vary depending on political orientation), and how they may be linked.

Miliband did make statements explicitly in support of Gaza eg:

So maybe yes, if that thread does contain ‘so much unconscious bias of its own,’ it’s an unconscious bias against those who argue in bad faith or who don’t seriously want to address the issue.


there’s a vote on legalizing abortion in Argentina today, any Argentina affiliated disers here?
off to a support demo at the embassy later


OK fair, I had completely forgotten that. I do still think that the current situation is being viewed through the prism of Corbyn’s support for specific organisations/individuals which doesn’t apply to Miliband, but I’ll concede that that thread is more balanced than I gave it credit for


Fucking hell. Burn the planet down. now.


Nice pile on from deaf people in the replies, at the very least.



I can’t believe that this hasn’t been ratio’d into the sun.


Someone in this week’s Private Eye mentioned how much Manny Macron looks like Arnold J. Rimmer, and now I can’t stop sniggering whenever I see him. That’s my political take of the day.


I like the way that Iain Martin put a complaint about face coverings that NO-ONE ELSE HAS EVER MADE as being “always” high on the list.


The BSL community in the UK are very expressive and very well organised. He judged this one badly.

Also this is cast-iron virtue signalling, of which I hope he notes the irony.


This reply was on the nose:


Thinking of going to The World Transformed.

Don’t follow me


whenever nick robinson has a day like today i like to imagine tory HQ reprimand him for exposing the business.


Or thank him for selflessly throwing himself in front of the onslaught.


see you at the David Harvey DJ and percussion set.