August 2018 Politics Thread


Take it to the Terrible Festivals thread


Afraid I read that as TWAT


this really is the same kind of thing you’d read about trump and his supporters on the campaign trail


and like all those articles it needs to bog off - stop telling us that racists like racism like it’s news and suggesting that this is the key demographic Labour/the Democrats need to win over


my manager is an Argentinian reproductive rights activist :heart:


would have though Oscar-nominated Kate Hudson would be higher up than Paul Mason but ok…

Also Chantal Mouffe should be where Mélenchon is.


pub quiz with ed miliband!


They probably took the rest of Kate Hudson’s career into account


Got rejected by the Senate, so shite and gutting :frowning_face:


love how Ed Miliband secretly thinks Corbyn is great


Surprised the fact Melenchon has a burka ban in his manifesto hasn’t got more attention.

But yeah Mouffe’s one of the most notable living critical/cultural theorists and she’s way down the bill! Below Naomi Klein ffs.


Whats wrong with naomi klein?


Interesting article and chimes with my thinking

Has caused massive uproar on twitter, obviously. People have decided that ‘crank’ is a mental health slur, which… I mean I’m not sure of the etymology of the word, but I think that’s pretty spurious.

Think there’s probably three groups who’ve reacted to this. The actual ‘cranks’, who are older members obsessed with old battles over anti imperialism. Then the newer, younger members who are into the good sort of left politics. And then there’s the third weird group who just think we should all show solidarity and togetherness and ignore the ways in which the other two groups’ values are incompatible


I haven’t read much of her stuff which I’ve thought was much more than a jumped-up undergraduate level view of the world. Although her environmentalist stuff seems pretty legit. Would be interesting actually to go back and read No Logo again, what is now essentially 20 years later. I couldn’t finish it at the time, it annoyed me too much.

Also I do think it is incumbent upon people who were loudly and publicly supportive of Hugo Chavez to offer at least some sort of comment on the current trials of Venezuela. Klein has said nothing about it, as far as I can tell.


tbh trying to have a measured leftist discussion about venezuela’s current moment is an exercise in futility.




These are the sort of reactions it’s getting


Would you put this piece in that group?


i’ve noticed that anyone trying to defend the revolution and give maduro’s actions some wider context first has to get a paragraph’s worth of meaningless dribble out of the way. e.g, “don’t get me wrong, i think maduro is bad, in fact he’s quite authoritarian, actually he’s the next hitler/stalin/milosevic/saddam/assad…”

there’s a very narrow window of discussion, and unless you parrot at least some of the (incorrect) received wisdom about venezuela and maduro, you aren’t allowed to take part in the conversation. even then you’re not allowed to explain how the USA’s behaviour towards the country has considerably excacerbated the situation. why would anyone bother engaging with that.


Those are different factions. I more just think MZC is being naive. Watson is a hack who really cannot be trusted, should never have been deputy leader owing to his status as a massive twat