August 2018 Politics Thread


People shouldn’t forget the time tom Watson was responsible for a racist campaign poster that targeted asylum seekers


oh god

The Jewish community rightly feels that the Macpherson principle that victims of racism should have the right to define what they perceive to be racist, seems not to apply to Jews and antisemitism in the Labour party.

when the stated purpose of the macpherson principle has been explained time and again and people still keep misunderstanding it in articles like this, the old patience starts to wear thin tbh.


This thread (and account) is meant to reflect negatively on Corbyn, but ends up being self-own. It’s the Labour party establishment of the time and the police who look like they were on the wrong side of history here


I’ve long since given up thinking that it’s a genuine misunderstanding, tbh.


oh sure


haha what a fucking idiot


It turns out he was an organiser and attendee of the “Battle of Wood Green” in support of the Jewish community against the NF in 1977. Shocking!


I think his brother was involved in some way too. SCUM!


You want to hear… MORE from Ken Livingstone?


A reminder to us all, to be very careful what one wishes for.


What an absolute legend that woman is.


Yeah good luck with winning over fascists with peaceful protests.


I like the idea that while the Beerhall Putsch was going on in Munich, half a dozen people could have been sitting in a little pen across the road chanting polite slogans at the NSDAP and changed history.


also fun how gandhi was pretty weird and racist and anti-semitic & mlk agreed that violence had a place after the detroit riots.

cracking on that mandela never supported violent struggle elsewhere in the thread too.

i’m a fucking idiot and i know more history than this lad.


I believe that getting your head kicked in by violent thugs is the only way to achieve things.


MLK thought the white moderate was the biggest threat to social justice



been getting increasingly irked to see some social media shares of videos regarding core islamic ideals in defence of Boris’s comments, but an astonishing lack of those wrt Israeli policy in defence of corbyn. funny thing that


Sorry my brain is baked from work. Do you mean people aren’t sharing stuff like the above.


I think I more mean that the speed of which people are quick to jump to boris’s defence through a sudden urge of conscience re: islam’s treatment of women is driving me insane as they’re the same people not wanting to listen to the nuances of the Israel/Palestine problem and are happy to blanket accuse JC/Labour of 100% anti Semitism