August 2018 Politics Thread


This is some take:



(you’re right of course, but the ability to be a complete hypocrite without it weighing on the conciseness send to be a key weapon of the centrist/right.)


people are obsessed with these rockets and they always claim exactly 150 were fired “at israel”.

at least nothing else today can be as stu…oh


I cant stand Aaron Bastani. Can he go away?


what have you got against cool guys who are basically chilled out entertainers


Let’s flip the question around… What don’t you have against cool guys who are basically chilled out entertainers?


you’ve got to trust him - he’s basically taking us guys into battle yeah, and he’s doing his own stapling.




This may have tipped me over the edge. The ‘with quiet fury’ bit is mind-boggling


It’s all a bit of fun to the Sun, isn’t it?

Steve Hawkes is a colossal dick


Racists convinced that Boris Johnson isn’t a racist. Well, I’m convinced!


they understood what a daily mail reader was in 1934 ffs, why are we still subjected to that sewer rag




andrew neil is at it again


How is he unable to tell the difference between a profound and stupid question with his level of experience?


" ‘children killed’ "


Saw this number plate the other day

one for the politics buffs


does anyone know why Labour abstained at the vote for emergency budget cuts?


They didn’t. They voted against the emergency plan, with all the other non-Tory councillors. They abstained on accepting the Section 114 report from the council’s CFO, which was accepted by both the Tories and Lib Dems.


I see, thank you

Very difficult from my privileged position to understand how these budget cuts will affect people’s every day lives. Must be awful to have a service you rely on abruptly withdrawn

It makes for an interesting paradox as people are making some serious money from this:

Tony McArdle is one of two commissioners sent in by the government after the authority said it may not balance its books. He and his colleague Brian Roberts are costing the authority £1,500 for every day that they work.