August 2018 Politics Thread


J.K. Rowling sharing an article from The Spectator :grimacing:


Because she hates corbyn more than the tories


oh I know, not surprised or anything, just another sign that people are idiots for looking to her for political statements



Being anti plastic is now officially Tory


I wonder if they’ll close down all the doctors soon. Probably no point going to my GP anymore


GP surgery should be unaffected no? Assume that would be NHS funded rather than N’hants council


no idea, I’m an idiot.

Hopefully you are right!


Turns out the council had been using NHS money for adult social care

Whole thing is a shitshow


I think you’ve tried ‘Corbyn loves terrorists’ already guys


Why in God’s name have I wopen up to a Bring Back Galloway hashtag?


Celebrity Big Brother’s coming up?


You live in hell. You were born here. You will die here.


is tom goysplaining here


but think of the job losses if we stop arming them


goes without saying it’s a complete lie




im so out of the loop on all this now.


The photos and his own column would appear to suggest that at best, he visited both memorials. Either way, the skin around it is not a great look. He just needs to be better at owning this stuff.


he’s at it again :joy: