August 2018 Politics Thread


I love him.


There’s a couple of great sub-threads in there where people are asking him about Space Marines and tabletop gaming.


I don’t get this… I know several Muslim women who wear short sleeved dresses. Wtf.


ah, a fellow command and conquer fan:


christ you’ve shared a goldmine here :joy::joy:


I really can’t conceive that he’s not a troll/parody account :smiley:






shocked i tell you



in keeping with that point…


fucking hell


Cups of tea are now officially racist and Tory.

Bet he was gonna make coffee too but his team said tea appeals to the racists more.


This article reflects my experience and frustration of working in the public sector for a few years. Most of the senior management I clashed with were not awful people (with a couple of notable exceptions), and I think they wanted to do the right thing - but genuinely fell for all these lies and crooked ideology. Always talking about “seeing the big picture” and such the like too, without any ability or inclination to actually do that.


Who are we all voting for in the leadership election :cry:


Nobody, because there isn’t going to be one?



If every party had to have a leadership election everytime its leader did something ill-advised and grotesque in the company/on behalf of shady actors from foreign states we’d have one every week. I wouldn’t worry.

There’s a stronger case to be made for execrably bad judgement making someone unfit to lead a political party but… not sure that holds in 2018 either so, here we are.


It’s just how constant it is and that’s a terrible answer.

Wonder if Emily thornberry was a member of the Red Army Faction or something