August 2019 Film Thread

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Pixar going down the gritty spinoff route huh

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Bait - I thought this was excellent. It won’t be for everybody, but I loved the rhythm and the humour of it.

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My theory

they watch Austin Powers in its entirety

Thinking of going to see The Empire Strikes Back with the live orchestra at Leeds Arena. Did anybody see the similar tour they did for Star Wars? Just wondered if it’s worth the £50 ticket!

Might be worth posting that in the Star Wars thread as well

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Is Todd Phillips to Martin Scorsese what Brian De Palma is to Hitchcock? And, you know, that doesn’t mean this will be a bad film because De Palma has some solid gold classics under his belt, but still.

Can’t for the life of me understand this Joker movie though. I’ll see what the reviews go with I suppose. If no one’s talking about a shit ending I’ll give it a punt.

If you see it can you confirm for me if it’s the SE or they’re somehow using the original version or it’s an edit? The problem with the SE is it completely fucks the Hyperspace cue with Lucas’s pointless addition of Vader arriving on his Super Star Destroyer and while maybe you could orchestrate it it is just UGLY.

The sequence from the DVDs (I assume it is because Burtt remixed all the music down a lot on the DVDs) is here:

The music cue starts at ~51 seconds. It’s this one btw:

But at 1 min 12s we get the inserted vader sequence and it just breaks right into the way the music is flowing. Listen through between like 15s and 25s on the actual cue and it’s big building piece of tension.

I mean the loss of volume on the DVDs might go some way to explaining how the mash up isn’t so obvious when people watch it now?

EDIT: Yes I do care about this far too much. :smiley:

Joker is showing at the Venice Film Festival this/next week, so at least we’ll get some advance warning if it’s a stinker. Still not sure about it but we’ll see.


people are already getting hysterical and cancelling this joker movie based on the trailer and script rumours. i think we’ve arrived at “any film with a bad person as the main character is de facto alt right propaganda” lol

Early reviews for Ad Astra seem almost all really positive, including five stars in The Guardian today. Seems like it might not be a disaster??


Saw that this morning and was genuinely astonished. Properly looking forward to it.

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I’ve seen some more measured reviews but overall they seem good. Just as well since sadly it’ll probably lose a shitload of money (it cost $80 million)

The trailer didn’t really sell it to me, but “apocalypse now in space” has me curious

This may just be Robbie Collins and co getting behind their boi who did Lost City of Z.

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I want to see this, I do not want to wait 20 years for it.

Isn’t it quite unusual to screen the directors cut of a previously shown film in cinemas?

Probably! God knows the film doesn’t need an extra half hour either…

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