August 2019 Film Thread

Any good?

I think the last time I watched it was 2011 (and before then I think the last time I’d watched it had been on the old family VHS copy)

Yeah, good fucking film in my opinion. It rules.

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Would there be any interest in a separate thread to discuss The Matrix (1999) along with the other films in the series?

  • Sure, why not
  • Nah, keep it in here

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Bait looks really really cool


What other films in the series?

Oh good…

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That new film The Nightingale from Jennifer Kent (director of The Babadook) sounds like a horrific watch in terms of physical/sexual violence in it

Already furious about this


Death making a return for the new Bill and Ted film

hobbs & shaw then - exactly what I was hoping for, the rock and the stath are a perfect combo and vanessa kirby and big dris are a brilliant supporting cast. some great inanimate object wielding fighting from stath, andthe trip to samoa is a peftect last half hour of constantly rising stakes/spectacle. story and script surprisingly good as well.

big, dumb and very fun/10


Ive seen it, its very good

A Dark Somg has the worst use of CGI since Map To The Stars

Gonna see Tarantino on 35mm yeaaaaah.

Also, Apocalypse Now Final Super-Last Definitive Triumphant Closing Cut

  • I’m gonna see
  • I’m not gonna see
  • :sleeping:

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off to see Oldboy on the big screen for the first time in a minute, very excited

I remember going into Map to the Stars thinking “now that I’ve heard the CGI is shit, I won’t be shocked by it and it’ll just look a tad ropey”

Shit, was I wrong

Don’t know how that got signed off on tbh

Watch the end scene of A Dark Song…oof


Usually a really quiet month, but this is a pretty great August we’ve got coming up. I’ve seen previews of Bait (which I absolutely loved), Pain & Glory, Hail Satan? and The Souvenir, and I’d recommend all four. Also really looking forward to seeing Once … Upon … a … Time … in … Holly…wood and Transit.

Shame you folks missed out on The Chambermaid last month, that and Varda by Agnès were my favourites of July. Managed to see Our Time in Lewes via MubiGo too (such an amazing service), and although I didn’t like it quite as much as Jenkins, I thought his LWL review was pretty on the money.

(edit: don’t know why this is a reply @kiyonemakibi :man_shrugging:)