August 2019 Politics Thread - Recess!


£2bn extra for no deal planning. Sure it won’t just go to the new cabinets mates companies.


Oh yeah, it’s the Brecon and Radnorshire byelection today and the Lib Dems are looking to take the seat from the Tories

Don’t suppose anyone’s heard about any constituency polling have they? Presumably Farage’s lot will split the Brexit vote and Labour haven’t campaigned too hard?



Do you think she’s realised that she’s just implied her activists are a bunch of toddlers?

Labour have wasted barely any breath or resources on it afaik. Polling suggests the LDs will take it - and the way the Tories have gone about their campaign suggests they’re cutting their losses and letting Davies (their Davies) carry the bag.

Lot of it will obviously come down to the LDs ground game, and I don’t know how good that is right now.

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The problem with the Lib Dems is they always try to walk it etc


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started rooting for no deal. Kinda just want the UK to absolutely fuck itself into the grave now to accelerate the route to Scotland becoming independent.

I mean, it’s not a serious wish. I know so many people are going to suffer as result of no deal and Scotland is not the beacon of perfect society by any stretch but seeing all this chat about 2.1 Billion Pounds being used to ‘prepare’ for no deal brexit, I’m just like “fair enough lads, crack on! nobody is going to hold you to account anyway

Think I need to get off twitter for a bit. Only there for the dog content tbh.

*(Edit - should note that I am well aware that this selfish train of thought makes me an awful person and I absolutely feel guilty about it).


Tbf the Lib Dems know how to run a by-election campaign in general and they were second there in 2017, so presumably they’ve got a decent set of data to run it off.


Cheers Hoogy. That looks more or less as I’d expect. Assume Plaid stood down to give the Lib Dems a clear run or something.

Plaid Cymru and the Green Party have stepped aside for the strongest Remain candidate.

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…or are all 70+.

Makes sense. :+1:



Bank of England showing outrageous Liberal bias by just holding up a calculator that says FUCK


I’m utterly bewildered by all the chat of this as a ‘strategy to get a better Brexit’, as if Johnson’s got the blinder up his sleeve. This is the blinder. We’re living in it.