August 2020 Film Thread

Just watched Dark Knight again. Overrated.

Probably watch Biutiful later.

Some films are okay.

I’ll watch Ghost In The Shell (the anime and not the Scarlett Johansson) later. Always been meaning to watch it but never got round to it.


23 films, 2 were rewatches.
Best: Lynn and Lucy
Worst: The house that Jack built

August releases, in theory.

07 August 2020

14 August 2020

17 August 2020

21 August 2020

26 August 2020

28 August 2020

31 August 2020

Not sure how I feel about Tenet. Should be right up my street but the trailer looks pretty boring.

Find Nolan’s films very much style over substance, apart from The Prestige, which for me is his best film.

There’s a really good three-part Kermode on Film pod ranking them.

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Rewatched Burning last night, wharra great film

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Last year’s Charlie’s Angels film is the definition of trying too hard


32 films watched
Mars Attacks! rewatched (a mistake)
Best: Lynn +Lucy, Good Manners, The Good Girls, So Long My Son
Worst: Once There was Brasilia, The Party’s Just Beginning, Mr Jones, The Curse of the Wraydons


18 films watched (I’m including Hamilton and you can’t stop me)
Best: Da 5 Bloods
Worst: To All the Boys PS I Still Love You
Biggest surprise: Hedwig and the Angry Inch


thinking of watching this tonight!

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Juat want to mention Transit again, might be one of the best films of last decade

Also watched Reality Bites which I really liked, Ethan Hawke looks about 35 in it

Singles > Reality Bites >>> Empire Records

I was gonna watch Empire Records cause I thought it was some big cult film then the reviews were all shit. Not seen Singles either, worth a watch?

I really enjoyed Singles, great soundtrack plus it’s where the “This band is UNSTOPPABLE” quote at the start of this comes from, which was a fun discovery

I mean Empire Records has its charms, I’ll watch anything of that type set in the 90s, but it’s decidedly Not Good


also at points a painfully accurate depiction of awkwardly third-wheeling, and the bemused disappointment at having slightly misinterpreted someone’s romantic interest


Has anyone seen Selah and the Spades? I think the story was kinda weak, didn’t lean hard enough into the crime family elements or the high school drama elements. Ending up being a little lost in the middle

But! It looked and sounded amazing, I loved the main performances and just the whole vibe and atmosphere it had, a really enjoyable way to spend the evening. Hate the cliche but this was a good example of a film that, if flawed, shows that the director could go onto great things

Under the Silver Lake is on MUBI. Very hyped to watch that again


yeah I’ve seen it, pretty much agree with you.

I do wonder if this’ll be a film which will grow in stature over time (I still thought it was shite)

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