August 2020 Film Thread


That may as be but you also watched Dracula

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better film

Going to an actual cinema, with actual people sitting in it, tomorrow night!:astonished:

Poltergeist is on the iplayer (OG not a shit remake)

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Re-watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - still very good!

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Only saw 6 films in July
Best: girlhood or inside llewyn Davis
Worst: hereditary

Yeah I agree with this too, for the end I was expecting the new girl to be the informant as revenge for that girl she drugged but it kind of went nowhere. Also can films please stop using the scorpion and frog analogy.

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I’ve seen it in this, The Hunt and S2 Umbrella Academy (tbf at least it was done kinda knowingly here) in the last couple of months alone. We all know the story! Reference it sure, but don’t spend 5 mins of screen time actually explaining it fully …

Watched King of New York yesterday. Not my favourite Ferrera and a bit by the numbers but Walken is such a magnetic presence

Also bought Satantango on DVD, wonder when I’ll watch that and in how many sittings

Its also in Drive and The Crying Game (a couple of times).

Ffs I was just going to watch Crying Game soon, cursed I tell ya

The Prince Charles Cinema will re-open in October at 25% capacity

Films I’ve watched recently that I hadn’t seen before:

La Dolce Vita - Superb, liked it even more than 8½.
Sunset Boulevard - Another great film worthy of the classic status.
Da 5 Bloods - Just kind of a mess. There’s a good film in there somewhere, but the tone was all over the place.
Roma - Loved this! Absolutely beautifully filmed.

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Interesting way around to watch them :smiley:

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I prefer La Dolce Vita too

The Wild Blue Yonder isn’t really a film