August 2021 Film News/Trailers Discussion

is this… a real film?

It’s got a real trailer.

The Korg/Deadpool reaction video is probably funnier/sassier than the entire film.

Here’s a selection of what’s out this month, including classic-in-waiting Free Guy:

6th August
The Last Letter From Your Lover
Vivo (Netflix)

13th August
New Order
Free Guy
The Courier
Coda (Apple)
Beckett (Netflix)

18th August
Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

20th August
Sweet Girl (Netflix)

27th August
The Nest
He’s All That (Netflix)

What isn’t out in August is The Green Knight after they inexplicably pulled the UK release and it might go straight to Amazon Prime or something here now :frowning:


And here are some films that are back on Netflix UK

The Addams Family
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Gosford Park
Primal Fear
Sweeney Todd

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i can’t tell what’s being made fun of here

(the free guy video)

In the video or the film itself?

the video

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is the video clips from the film?

No idea. Just seemed to be about how funny everyone found Taika’s improv

Not sure if it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but Blonde has been put back to 2022, which is disappointing.

ffs. the green knight has been pushed over here too cos american studios are scared of covid spiking and affecting their bottom line… could see a lot more of that i think

Seeing them hammer more nails into cinema’s coffin is infuriating. I think The Duke has had its September release date pulled which is especially ludicrous considering the target audience has been vaccinated for months

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hope they make a film about this



Bianca! Bianca! Bianca!

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Universal: Let’s make a film about rolls IP dice Renfield!

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Blonde is Netflix though so presumably it was never going to go into cinemas?

I was referring to The Green Knight being postponed here because of apparent covid concerns (with regards to Blonde, Netflix usually give a cinema release to their films, even if it’s just a limited one)

14 films? What is this, the Land Before Time series?

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These very specific single-studio streaming sites are definitely taking the piss now.