August 2021 General UK Politics

Parliament is in summer recess and MPs are all having stayca domestic holidays. Covid rumbles on but thankfully seems to have peaked in the UK unless something dramatic happens. Brexit continues to disrupt and will likely throw up all sorts of nonsense on a continual basis ad infinitum but is largely priced in now. Olympics is keeping us entertained. COP26 is still three months away.

Here’s an interesting report with plenty of nice comparative charts to browse.

It mainly throws up how poor US healthcare is on every measure. But we already knew that. The UK is 4th overall, after Norway, Netherlands, and Australia. Germany, and New Zealand perform very similarly to the UK.

The summary discussion identifies four features of governance that are key to attaining better and more equitable health outcomes. The tl;dr is, surprise surprise, ‘don’t be a massive Tory’.

It’s intensely frustrating how the NHS is held up superficial happy clapper and wall mural fetishisers as an example of the UK being ‘better’. And whilst the UK healthcare is up there with the best of them, it’s not uniquely exceptional in the way ‘they’ would have you believe. Furthermore, so many NHS flagshaggers seem to be completely oblivious to the basic lessons it teaches us about equity, fairness and not shitting on the poor when it comes to how society ought to be structured.


This will be immensely useful the next time my US in-laws raise an eyebrow about our dodgy free healthcare (“So it didn’t cost anything… are the doctors fully trained?”)

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“…you don’t have Doctor-in-a-Day schools over there?”

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Three replies in and then Simpsons memes, is it?

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i feel dirty now

Right day for it

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Boris Johnson deliberately trying to infect Scotland

Hahaha fucking hell

Remember when Thangam Debbonaire claimed being told to ‘get in the sea’ was a death threat


Is this UK politics? Scottish politics? Descent into fascism? Great things posted…? What does tankie mean anymore?

The tweet he’s quoting (below) is clearly a spoof but I’m not sure he realises? I don’t know. What is real anymore. Send help

Edit didn’t need to include the quoted tweet

:clap: more :clap: eco :clap: friendly :clap: tanks


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This is some sort of code right?


In Uzbekistan that’d be 10 years in prison. I looked it up. Can we get him over there on some kind of trade junket for the inevitable next time this happens?

cigarette companies moving into uk medical manufacture specialising in breathing then.

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Makes a bit more sense when you consider that Vectura don’t just make medicines, they make delivery devices too (inhalers, nebulisers). And that PM are pivoting heavily towards vaping, including the technology side. So there’s actually a weirdly large overlap in the two technologies, sort of.

This is mostly weirding me out because Vectura are round the corner from me (like, five minutes away) and I’ve been in the building, I know one of their patent attorneys reasonably well, and I also know the people who do PM’s patent work in the UK and Europe, so this is a lot of crossed streams for me.

Betteridge’s Law in effect again


Had no idea these clowns were even still around. What has he been doing for the past 18 months???