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the slippery slope argument is BS most of the time, but I know it’ll apply to me in this instance

if they give me a 4 day week I’ll be all “yeah yeah that’s great cheers but when can I have a 3 day week, and also when can I just stop working ever again, but still get paid? Yeah ta”

this is the ultimate goal tbf. remove all the bullshit jobs from the world and we’d probably have enough time collectively to manage all the essential services on a voluntary basis.


robert person’s book sounds good

As someone who actually works a 4 day week, I do think that something that gets left out of the debate a bit is potential negative impacts on workers, as employers just expect the same productivity for 80% of the pay. In fact this is an explicit motivation in some of the “forward thinking” businesses who promote the 4 day week. Even if it’s 100% of the pay (which it isn’t for me), the extra stress and mental health impacts could be severe, particularly if the “day off” you’ve won is actually needed for caring responsibilities or voluntary work or etc.

I’m a supporter of the 4 day week but it’s definitely something that would need to be addressed.


Is he related to Hugh Man?


need to get yerself a property portfolio

A property portfolio? I don’t even have a property, let alone …


sorry then son yer working like the rest of us

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My tv works for the NHS on four days a week, and it is basically this. Could just be the pressure of an NHS job, but her fifth day is generally catching up on work stuff half the time.

Private sector orgs, yeah depends on the ‘culture’ of each one, but as ever those that can squeeze the most productivity from their workers have an advantage

my managers seem to really struggle just remembering that I have 80% of the capacity of my colleagues or just knowing what the appropriate amount of work for 80% of the time should be.

Used to work with a woman (since retired) who was part time, she was absolutely brutal in almost all her interactions anyway but when it came to workload stuff she’d just respond to our director with

(First Name),

I am at capacity so will not take this.

(Her first name)

A true inspiration.


i do one job part time and generally never know what’s going on. if everyone was part time things might be better

Love her sig


I’d settle for not having a 33 day (and counting) August

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My managers aren’t too bad with handling the four day thing, to be fair, but if they’ve decided I’m splitting my time between two projects, and then we spend a chunk of a morning in a weekly meeting, and you want me to do that training thing that’ll take almost half a day, then my working week on each project is now basically a day and a half. To be honest, I quite often have to remind myself of this to avoid getting too self-critical about productivity.

It’s the best way to do it. I’ve been stuck at full capacity on one of 7 projects for 3 weeks.

Just email my MD every Monday saying I’m at full capacity with that project and nothing else will be worked on unless he tells me too.

Everything else is now falling miles behind but the one I’m working on is proper fucked.

Summer’s over!

Pull on a cosy jumper, grab a toffee apple, and head on over to…

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not seen this& don’t really know what that designation means but she’s clearly on the left and then has a bunch of opinions that don’t really line up with that because of being very devoutly religious.*

*that’s probably poorly worded cause obviously people can be religious without having those opinions, but that’s where it comes from in this case

bit weird to be defending my podcast friend but honestly the way people react to her stuff is absolutely wild, recommended their podcast to someone online once and they told me she was a fascist lol