August 2022 Film News/Trailer chat thread

3rd August
Bullet Train

12th August

19th August
The Feast
Orphan: First Kill
Fisherman’s Friends: One and All
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

26th August
Official Competition
Mr Malcolm’s List
Me Time (Netflix)

Prey (latest attempt to do something, anything with the Predator IP) is out Friday on Disney+

Netflix has a new film our Friday from Jung Byung-gil, who directed The Villainess, which I know had some fans on here


ah crap, I forgot about Prey, stupid it’s been dumped on streaming, it seems to be getting pretty good buzz and there’s barely anything out this month here or in the US

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Road House is basically a perfect film but Jake and Doug Liman together makes me actually quite up for this


None of them have the hair for it

I still haven’t really worked out why Disney wanted to buy 20th Century Fox.

It seems like they’ve just used its back catalogue and future material as online filler and the only real ‘winners’ from it are Marvel Studios getting back control of all those characters and Star Wars (another thing Disney have mostly squandered) being finally and totally under a single roof.


If Disney+ only had Disney IP I would cancel my sub right now.

The stuff I’ve binged is all non-Disney.

Without that extra content they’re only of interest to wealthier families and adult nerds. The rest gives them mainstream appeal


It also I reckon prevents people becoming fatigued by Disney output (and reduces the need to be making content quite so quickly)

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Just expected more in the area of cinema I guess.

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But it’s true that your D+ sub is balancing the books on whatever they paid :wink:

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I suspect they’ll be very very picky with what gets rebooted/picked up from that IP. Aliens was obvious because it fits with the crowd etc

See also Prey

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Yeah buzz has been good from what i’ve absorbed. Opposite for Bullet Train.


All heading off Netflix in the next month:

Nocturama (August 10th)
The Pianist (August 10th)
Scarface (August 16th)
Winters Bone (August 23rd)
Fish Tank (August 23rd)
Suffragette (August 24th)
Sonic The Hedgehog (August 26th)
Dark Waters (August 28th)
Once Upon A Time In America (August 31st)
Three Days Of The Condor (August 31st)
Her (August 31st)
The Master (August 31st)
Million Dollar Baby (August 31st)
Zodiac (August 31st)
Cemetary Junction (August 31st)
Gone Girl (August 31st)
In Time (August 31st)
The Iron Giant (August 31st)
Jerry Maguire (August 31st
Malcolm X (Sept 4th)

The Pianist, Once Upon A Time In America, Three Days Of The Condor, Million Dollar Baby + Malcolm X are the 5 I need to watch. About 15 hours in total. :sweat_smile:


Seems to be an awful lot lately going off Netflix lately and hardly anything being added!