August 2023 Film News/Trailer chat thread

4th August
Meg 2: The Trench
Joy Ride
Paris Memories

11th August
Gran Turismo
Haunted Mansion
Heart of Stone (Netflix)

18th August
Blue Beetle

25th August
The Blackening
Theatre Camp

Hardly a looker among them. Thought the first Meg was rubz but will see this out of sheer curiosity as to what a Wheatley shark blockbuster looks like.

Joy Ride/L’Immensita/Scrapper/Theatre Camp/Afire all look interesting

Looking forward to the Blackening - reviews from the US were decent and I like this poster:

Fascinated to see how Blue Beetle does. I see James Gunn has rowed back a bit saying it “might” be a new DC film rather than the current franchise. Turns out telling your audience your upcoming state of films no longer matter isn’t a great way to get them to come out to cinemas…

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Blue Beetle is tracking for a disastrous US opening weekend, the DCEU shitshow continues


Looking forward to Theater Camp. Molly Gordon can do no wrong these days imo. Find her to be incredibly endearing.


Kermode will be broken up about this

Gran Turismo looks like maybe the worst film and film idea of all time


It seems like a more interesting idea than a straight video game adaptation but it does look lousy and when was the last time Orlando Bloom was even in anything?

Still shit myself every time I watch this scene.

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It’s also directed by the District 9 guy, who’s somehow still getting work after some baaadddd films.

I’m sure someone can think of one (Coppola maybe?) but I’m struggling to think of a better “three in a row” right now than

The French Connection (1971)
The Exorcist (1973)
Sorcerer (1977)

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One of the best films of all time I reckon


Really should watch it

Its an A+, only saw it a couple of years ago.

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Friedkin probably in my top 15 directors of all time. Cruising a very underrated gem of his.

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