August BH Monday Fred

Happy Bank Holiday to those of you off work today. Commiserations and solidarity to those who are working today.

Plans? Hangovers? Slow, delayed, creeping work dread?

I get to park for free today which gives me a 2 minute walk to work instead of my normal 20 minute walk in. That’s the extent of my day.

You go now

Back to work
Like some sort of jerk

Summer’s gone
What would life have been like if I had been named John

Lots of people saying cba
Though that’s not exclusive to Monday

Got a three day weekend though
But I imagine it will still go slow



Yeah good, yourself?

:wave::wave::wave: Rich. I’m in Vancouver now and have left my tour group. As annoying as some of them were I now feel really weird to be alone. I’m in a hostel and have just done some laundry- need to get back to normal standards of being a human now that I’m not camping.

Got three days here now and not sure what to do with them. Anyone been and have any recommendations?

No Bank Holiday in Melbourne

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Bank Holidays mean little to me.

I am still unwell and apparently this is cause for people to be exasperated with me rather than show any kind of sympathy. Woo.

Bit sleepy, but otherwise fine thx

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I’m at work (it’s not a bank holiday here). Still feel really weird after not much sleep and a strange day with the TV yesterday. Thankfully my team at work is in such a state of carnage it probably won’t give me much time to dwell on that.

Are these preseason games? Hope I haven’t missed the start of the season. Assume they are as there have been no weekly NFL threads yet

@laelfy hope the trip is going ok. Ngl, pretty envious

@1101010 hope your Monday was good then teoh.

@anon89873996 oh no mate. GWS and hope home life is manageable today

@stupidsexyflanders that’s not a good start to Monday really


Up at six for bootsale thrills. Already made over thirty quid.

Not sure it’s worth the get up yet though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I found it soul destroying how people would try to haggle down from 20p. Never again!

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Morning all!

Fuck you, Monday Fred.

I’m teaching all day and then playing soccerball. Not really feeling it yet but I’m sure I can plaster on and wade through my induction presentations again.

Oh shit, wankers :frowning: x

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I had a couple of mates who went to a Jets Giants game on Saturday. Wouldn’t have minded that.

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Morning folks. I’m in the DiS BH Working Club too, hoping for a slightly less manic day than yesterday now the weather’s better. Really fancy a beer or two later.

We were busier than I thought we’d be yesterday. Also hoping today is quieter and that I can have some beerz later.

It pissed down all day yesterday and nobody could go to the beach or on their Tory boats so everyone piled in to the shop/cafe. Can’t decide between pub or bringing some nice beerszs home.

Wish I had time/money for pub. Mine will be Tesco beers after the baby goes down.

Don’t think I can ba with the bank holiday pub crowd so going to continue my mission to try every beer we stock I think.