August BH Monday Fred

Nah, but I’ll get over it I’m sure :muscle:

This is a noble mission.

Good luck!


Have done that many times over here.

the aquarium is cool. or ride a rental bike / walk round stanley park.

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Some nights i have these weird anxiety dreams about mundane tasks not being done in dead-end jobs i had fifteen years ago. Totally ruins my day.

Bit grim out. Feels like we’ve hit autumn now. Sigh. Might just stay in bed all day.

Going to chapeltown carnival this afternoon. Red stripe and dragon stout, will get home in time for United to ruin my day

No Bank Holiday here so I’m off to work! Morning all!


Mildly hungover here, but I had to get up early to walk the dogs.

Don’t know what to do with my day. Off work and child free.

Going on a bike ride around the local national trust place this morning. Currently quite hungover.


Photoshop your dogs into pictures of deep space

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Wooly hat in August! Excellent.

I have a vest and a cardie, wish I had a hat on :smiley:

It’s better than any ideas that I’ve come up with. I’m on it.

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I am a bald man and the weather has turned here Slickster! Too cold to be going out without a hat.

GF has upgraded to a cardie alright, no sign of jackets for any of us though.

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I know some people from South Tipperary that live there that you could go drinking with? (I jest, you do not want to do this.)

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Had so many different drinks last night.

Met up with a friend who I’ve not seen in over a year. Was so good.

Gonna go see my niece.

Got her a Bonnie.

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Sorry to hear that GP, take care of yourself


Just had to measure and cut a large bit of rope for someone and apparently my subsequent bellowing of ‘twenty metres of roooope’ to the tune of Many Rivers To Cross is severely unappreciated by some of my colleagues. This has not stopped me.

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Nice choice, I’d have gone for



I lived there for 6 or 7 years until moving last month. Iydea is a popular veggie restaurant, Infinity Foods is a great organic/veggie food shop to browse in, Snoopers Paradise junk shop is equal parts naff and awesome but worth a visit if you haven’t been. I like the old Victorian penny arcade under the pier too; you can watch peep shows of ladies showing their ankles :grinning::eggplant:

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